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4.2 Development

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While some details may still apply in specific situations, this page was written for a package of TYPO3 that is no longer current.

Release Manager

Ingo Renner

Roadmap: Roadmap for 4.2

@core-Team New feature: In this editor you click at <S> and select "bug", type in the bug-id. ready. --Daniel

Features planned for TYPO3 4.2

These features are considered essential and/or have somebody who wants to work on it

  • drop of PHP4 support, requires PHP 5.2

Other feature brainstorming ideas

for admins and developers

for users/editors

General Bugfixing

Random Ideas


Vision: Performance

Vision: BE UI/Usability

Enhance Tools > User Admin

  • Who-Is-Online for BE-Users [DONE]