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4.3 Development

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The assigned and unassigned tasks can be found on the TYPO3 Forge platform:

@core-Team New feature: In this editor you click at <S> and select "bug", type in the bug-id. ready. --Daniel

Release Manager

Oliver Hader

Roadmap: Roadmap for 4.3

Ideas of features planned for TYPO3 4.3

The list shows ideas of planned features or requests that were handed in by the community during the Kick-Off-Session at the T3DD08. Numbers in bold at the end of items indicate the applause-o-meter results (0: not interesting; 10: very, very interesting; 10+: WOW, it's getting hot in here!)

Front-End handling / Perfomance

  • Improve the caching mechanism
    • Per object/plugin caching (USER, COA) > 8
    • Reduce redundant cached content (e.g. introduce content references/sharing for different usergroups)
    • Static file caching (with extensions to conditions and rules in general) > 6
  • Introduce "Front-End Rules" (similar to usergroups but for generic conditions) > 5
  • Multi-Host support / Cluster support > 4
  • Indexed Search with MySQL Fulltext Indexing > 10
    • Problems might arise from here. Mostly because the relevance of results is based on the entire table, not the resultset you are searching in. Imagine you have 3 sites with their own indexed searches. Relevance on Site A might drop because Site B interferes with the relevance of results. Another issue will be that combining MATCH() with WHERE clauses with break performance a lot. I suggest to use views and GROUP_CONCAT to speed things up (did this on DAM and reduced query times from 18 minutes to 1.75 seconds.
  • Send JS code as merged and minimized file (API) > 9
  • Send CSS code as merged file (API) > 9
  • Enable MD5 front-end passwords (kb_md5fepw)
  • Improve link generation of menus (tslib_menu)
  • Improve Front-End Editing > 11
    • Example:
    • Example:
    • Make FE editing skinnable: FE editing can currently not be adapted to the style of the site. So we need a TS configuration for it.
    • the set of icons an UI elements uses is fixed. This is sometimes too large and may break the layout of the page. a more flexible markup and possible splitted UI elements or UI showing up on mouse over are necessary.
    • FE editing doesn't allow all editing options that are suported in the BE (eg you cannot change the title of a translated page). Any workspace functionality is missing. It's not even possible to have complete TV support in the frontend at the moment, because the Flexpointer value of a record is not transfered to the frontend (core changes needed)
    • It would speed up FE-Editing a lot if you don't have to reload the whole page, when clicking in the admin-panel (e.g. opening/closing a node). (real inline editing!)
  • Improve tslib_pibase for extensions > 7

Content import / Workflow management

  • Introduce remote server staging
  • Improve/Rewrite impexp extension > 1

Database / DBAL

  • Integrate mysqli extension > 7
  • Try to introduce transactions where it makes sense (e.g. workspaces) > 3


Community Requests

  • remove static templates > 10
  • filelist CE: don't make copy, but use a reference > 6
  • install TYPO3 through a shell script > 5
  • API to do stuff with a script instead of using the GUI > 4
  • Dmitry: more current and complete documentation


Community Requests

  • remove JS popup when login expired > 9
  • Ingmar / Benni (part of the list module rewrite): drag'n'drop for sorting in list module > 8
  • possibility to save records through AJAX > 8
  • clear page cache of branch > 8
  • hotkeys for the backend > 7
  • implement the dashboard from Tim Lochmüller > 6
  • lock on loaded extensions / do not allow updating loaded extensions > 6
  • Ingmar / Benni (part of the list module rewrite): merge the clipboard modes > 6
  • improve display in filelist where a file is used > 6
  • Benni: improve style/skin possibilites of backend login > 5
  • code completion for T3editor > 5
  • improve workflow > 4
  • display all kinds of tabels in the page module > 4
  • locking of content elements / records when someone is editing a CE/record > 4
  • reduce backend to a few fields for editors > 4 [Dmitry: I am researching this topic but it will take longer than 4.3. If possible leave it to me]
  • disable RTE temporarily in TCEforms > 3
  • improve the filter above the page tree > 2
  • solve unlogical grouping of fields in tabs (e.g. for few fields)
  • references to other tt_content elements without the way through "insert record"
  • remember the last tab in the user settings module
  • more colors in the backend
  • message in EM if an extension uses XCLASSes
  • extended search in backend
  • improve user rendered fields handling in EM
  • filter in list module
  • get rid of secondary options
  • conditions/requirements in TCEforms (fill out one field -> you now also need to fill out another field)
  • TSOB: open template where a value is defined through a direct link
  • Check Braces in TS Template
  • show the DB field names in TCEforms (developer info)
  • save and go to next button
  • link in EM to online documentation of extension
  • clear flag for PageTSconfig

Features which were postponed in TYPO3 4.2

These features are considered essential and/or have somebody who wants to work on it

Early screenshot of the new form wizard
  • Backend and Frontend Performance Improvements (Dmitry)

for admins and developers

for users/editors

  • Ingo: reactivation of the Web->plugins module (maybe)
  • Olly: TCEforms - Ajax Suggest field to search in multiple records

Random Ideas

  • Patrick: RFC: htmlArea RTE Position Accessibility icons
  • Thorsten: Move the included static templates from EXT:cms to a new extension and store them as .txt files so they can be edited and improved
  • Olly: Build API for integration of form validation in front-end (e.g. for different captcha services)
  • Olly: General REST-API to exchange data



  • Stucki: Make quickstart and testsite packages work again, either as .t3d files or in some other format.
  • Remove old static templates and possibly ship new ones (maybe as extensions, see EXT:tmpl_green)