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This page belongs to the Accessibility-Team (category AccessibilityTeam)

Useful things

To get an overview of accessibility related bugs in the bugtracker on just enter the keyword accessibility into the search field.


This is a list of things that are still missing to make TYPO3 a CMS for accessible websites. The points on the list should be extended with the names of the developers who can solve the problems, the estimated budget necessary to pay them for their work and after that the list should be presented to the edu/marketing team for budget decisions.

Identifying changes in language

Provide a text equivalent for every non-text element


Add TITLE to Standard-Link-Funktion

The standard link popup should have a field to enter a link title (title="...")

Generate valid (X)HTML output

  • RTE
    • enable nested ul-list in RTE
      • current code:<ul><li>1st level entry no. 1</li><ul><li>2nd level entry no. 1</li></ul><li>1st level entry no. 2</li></ul>
      • correct code:<ul><li>1st level entry no. 1<ul><li>2nd level entry no. 1</li></ul></li><li>1st level entry no. 2</li></ul>
      • Christopher has already reported this in the bug-tracker:
    • enable abbreviation and acronym wraps ( see extension Akronymmanager in Alpha state: )
  • make form generation valid
    • name attribute not allowed in xhtml strict, hidden input elements must be within a block element - within the stdWrap of the form etc.
  • CSS Styled Content
    • improving for better validation - id attributes everywhere with name attributes, also an id must not start with a number etc.
  • Check your code and content
    • There is a good extension available to do page validation with the w3c validation service. The extension is called 'Page Validator' (sf_validator).
  • Other
    • finish CSS styled imagetext
    • create a set of TemplaVoila! flexible content elements to allow definition lists and other tags not supported by standard content elements

Raise the awareness for the accessibility topic

  • Provide built in documentation and links to WAI guidelines in the backend

Force accessibility input

There should be a parameter like "forceAccessibility" to validate user input according to accessibility needs and require correct input. A.e. entering alt for every graphic is required, title for every link is required...

Alting every graphic isn't required at all, only graphical element that bring information to the context of the page is required. That mean, that if a graphical element, is place on a page only tu make it nicer to look this element should be alted with an empty string eg : alt="". in this case, user-agent that speak the content of the page avoir to describe graphical elements that do not give more information to the content of the page