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Add your own favicon

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It's quite simple to add your own favorite icon (favicon) to a TYPO3 web site. It should work for most web browsers, except some older versions of Internet Explorer ( what else did you expect... :-) ).

Create and upload the favicon

The first thing to do, it to create your own favicon. There are many decriptions and applications to help you do that, one of them is

When your favicon is ready, you should upload it to your web site. It is suggested that you put it in the fileadmin directory, for example fileadmin/files/favicon.ico.

Insert and test the favicon

In the next step you go to your site's template: Web -> Template -> [main page] -> Info/modify -> Setup

There you add the following code:

 page.shortcutIcon = fileadmin/files/favicon.ico

Finish up by emtying the web browser cache and go to your web site. If everything was alright, you now should have your favicon showing up in the web browser. If not, try to reload the page and/or empty the browser cache once again. If it's still not showing up, maybe something went wrong...?