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Alternative Language

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If you would like to write documentation in other language than English, start here. But please consider writing in english first - most people will benefit from that!

Translation guideline

  • English is the primary language for TYPO3 documentation, so all new documents should be written in English!
  • If an English document already exists, then it is okay to translate the document into another language.
  • We should only translate individual pages. Don´t waste time translating "structural" pages such as section pages or the {Head-Xxxx} templates.

Please think twice before starting a translation. Wiki pages are usually updated more frequently than other forms of documentation (OOo, PDF, etc.). For this reason translations can become quickly outdated.

How to start translating a page

Just create a new page with the same name prefixed by the language code.


English        French            German            Japanese
Main_Page  --> Fr:Main_Page  --> De:Main_Page  --> Ja:Main_Page

You see the pagenames are all english ;-)

Then look if an english version of your topic exists.