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Backend Modules

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Here you can find another Version of this document.


  • Page
  • View
    Views the current page in the same way that it would look in the frontend (for a normal visitor).
  • List
    Shows all data for that page in a list, ordered by datatype. Usually that is different kinds of content, but could also be users, links, news and things like that.
  • Info
  • Access
    Permission management for pages. Here you decide which backend users are able to view, edit and delete a page and also which frontend users that are able to see it.
  • Functions
  • Template
    Here you handle all the templates for you site, and the TypoScript configuration related to it.


  • Filelist
  • Images


Note: Workspaces only work in TYPO3 >= 4.0

For an introduction to Workspaces read


User Tools

  • Task center
  • User settings

Admin Tools

  • User admin
  • Ext Manager
    Install / uninstall / create / delete extensions
  • DB check
  • Configuration
    Explore different arrays like $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS'] or $GLOBALS['TCA']
  • Install
    Install tool
  • Log


  • About modules
  • About

Admin functions

  • Clear temp_CACHED
  • Clear All Cache
  • Logout