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Backend user group permission system

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What's it all about?

This document is about a system of backend user groups useful for larger sites with quite some authors.

The systems consists of

  1. a "basic_editor" user group defining rights given to all authors who should write new pages without the permission to make them public
  2. a "basic_chief_editor" user group with all the rights given to the "basic editors" and additional rights for "chief editors"
  3. a "domain" user group per customer linking the users in the "basic editor" and "basic chief editor" groups to a special site

The "basic_editor" user group

   web, web_list, web_layout, web_view
   file, file_list, file_images
   user, user_task, user_actions, user_setup
 Tables (listing)
   Internal note	(Aim: Reading guiding notes from "chief editors" for pages)
 Tables (modify)
 Page types
   Advanced ( Special? Advanced is not listed)
 Allowed excludefields
   Page: Type
   Page: Keywords (,)
   Page: Abstract
   Pagecontent: Type
   Pagecontent: Before
   Pagecontent: After
   Pagecontent: Width (pixels)
   Pagecontent: Height (pixels)
   Pagecontent: Link
   Pagecontent: Click-enlarge
   Pagecontent: Quality
 No DB mounts, no File Mounts

The "basic_chief_editor" user group

 Tables (listing)
 Tables (modify)
   Internal note
 Page types
   External URL
   Not in menu
 Allowed excludefields
   Page: Hide page
   Page: Start
   Page: Stop
   Page: Access
   Page: Include subpages
   Page: Select template (when using Modern Template Building)
   Page: Select content area template (when using Modern Template Building)
   Pagecontent: Hide
   Pagecontent: Start
   Pagecontent: Stop
   Pagecontent: Access
 No DB mounts, no File Mounts
 Sub groups

The "domain" user group

 DB Mount
   Rootlevel page of the specific customer
 File mount
   Fileadmin folder of the specific customer
 Annotation: You may want to split this into a File mount for editors and a File mount for chief editors ...

Putting it together

 Max Sampleman should be an editor for domain
   1. Create a new backend user Max Mustermann
   2. Select the groups
     xyz_com (=domain group)
 Jenni Samplewoman should be a chief editor for domain
   1. Create a new backend user Jenni Samplewoman
   2. Select the groups
     xyz_com (=domain group)
 Make sure the pages of your tree for a domain have the right group permissions assigned in the "Web > Access" module.

What is missing here?

   User TypoScript entries
   User groups for special purposes
     e.g. activate guestbook entries

Documentation Links

are there some?

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