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TYPO3 CMS Blueprints

A Blueprint is a "lightweight feature specification" which describes a concept that someone wants to see implemented in the TYPO3 CMS Core. The idea is that a concept is written down in an standardized way and passes a defined workflow, being reviewed and voted before the actual implementation starts and serves as a central reference for all future questions regarding the concept.

Current Blueprints


Work In Progress




Some goals we want to achieve with blueprints for new features:

Canalize Discussions

  • avoid huge discussions that don't reach a decision at the end (long threads in mailing lists)
  • avoid repeated discussions about the same topic
  • have a place to summarize the outcome of the discussions

Reach an agreement

  • create a common conception that people can agree upon
  • be able to decide upon certain concepts
  • avoid rejection of changes after implementation

Make the process transparent

  • define the boundaries of the proposed change
  • explain the broad concept to non technical people
  • give people an overview of currently discussed and future proposed blueprints
  • identify clearly which people are involved and responsible

Enhance commitment

  • people starting a blueprint as a owner are commited to it
  • owner has to take care of his blueprint from the start to the end

Centralize information

  • structure the "design" process of changes
  • have a head start for documentation
  • avoid "umbrella issues" scattered around the core issue tracker

Information that should be gathered in a blueprint

  • Owner / starter
  • Proposal
  • Concept
  • Implementation Details
  • Risks
  • Participants / Members
  • Status: Draft, Discussion, Voting Phase, Accepted, Declined, Withdrawn
    • Voting Phase: using simple "+1" in the Wiki page as a start method for voting
  • Priority: High, Medium, Low
  • Target Versions/Milestones
  • Current Progress: Unknown, Started, Good Progress, Bad Progress, Stalled, Review Needed....
  • Topic to be used for Gerrit patches
  • Links to related issues and reviews
  • Dependencies upon other Blueprints
  • External links for clarification of technologies

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