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Blueprint: MySQL-Strict-Mode

Owner/Starter TYPO3 CMS Team
Participants/Members ...
Status Draft, Discussion, Voting Phase, Accepted, Declined, Withdrawn
Current Progress Unknown, Started, Good Progress, Bad Progress, Stalled, Review Needed, DONE
Topic for Gerrit -

MySQL Strict Mode Issues


Since quite some time MySQL ships with SQL_STRICT mode being enabled by default. Currently the TYPO3 CMS core does not work with MySQL strict mode being enabled. Also the rather large extension eco-system does not help in this situation because we'd need to educate all extension developers towards making their extension strict_mode compatible.

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Possible Solutions

Check during install process

Add a step to the install tool that checks for mysql strict mode and show a warning. Checks could involve

  • Checking for the mysql variable
  • Trying to do an insert and if that fails, show the warning