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This page belongs to the Bugfixing team (category BugfixingTeam)


During T3BOARD community and participants can bid for bugs that ought to be fixed by TYPO3 core team. Next bug auction will take place during T3BOARD10 on 2010-03-xx.

Suggested Bugs for Bug Auction

TYPO3 v4

TYPO3 v5 / FLOW3

  • FLOW3 - Integer arguments are not validated automatically -
  • FLOW3 - Make the php cli executable configurable for the flow3 command -
  • TYPO3 v5 UI Bug: The action menu does not really work combined with frontend editing. (Submitted by Sebastian Kurfürst)
  • TYPO3 v5 UI Bug: We want to create an in-place editor for the v5 UI prototype. (Submitted by Nils Dehl)

[Please add your bug suggestions for bug action here (links to bugs on, bugs shold be easy to fix in a short time frame and get rid of something anyoing.]


bidding happens in units of beer. The highest bid gets the credit for the bug plus, most valuable you will get a link in a news items on

Removed from list of suggested bugs