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This page belongs to the Bugfixing team (category BugfixingTeam)


During T3BOARD the community and participants can bid for bugs that ought to be fixed by TYPO3 core team. The next bug auction will take place during T3BOARD11 on 2011-03-31.


We would like to use the bug auction as an opportunity mainly to have some fun together, but also to involve more people in Core Development by inviting more people to help us fixing these tiny issues.

You are welcome to grab and fix a bug yourself or just sit next to a Core Developer to see how he's working on it (your help is very appreciated not only during such a bug auction... :-)).

Suggested Bugs for Bug Auction


  • Forge: Request for Membership (OTRS Ticket 2010100274000178). When someone subcribes you get a confirmation with only source code.

TYPO3 v4

TYPO3 v5 / FLOW3

[Please add your bug suggestions for the upcoming bug auction here (links to bugs on Bugs should be easy to fix in a short time frame and get rid of something annoying.]


  • Bidding happens in units of beer (1 beer = 4 EUR). The highest bid gets the credit for the bug. Bugs of last year
  • If you win an auction, you will get a link in a news item on (entries ordered by the amount of paid beers).
  • The earnings of the bug auction will be split in the following way:

(Please give your feedback if you have any critism or comments to this draft to either Sebastian Kurfürst or Michael Stucki.)

    • Cover part of the expenses (1000 EUR of 2200 EUR total) for the gondola and bus transport of Wednesday evening.
    • From the remaining amount, allow free drinks for everyone on Thursday evening using 60% of the money.

(Note: Beers & mineral water will be free. Other drinks (cocktails, schnaps, etc.) will be deducted by 4 EUR (fair use priniciple)

    • The other 40% will be donated to the Core Team, mainly for covering a nice dinner during the next team meeting.
  • If more money was raised than what we can drink on Thursday evening, we take the freedom to adjust the above rules and assign the money in an appropriate way.
  • Other than past years, we would like to wait with any payment at the bar until all bugs have been fixed (but not neccessarily yet been committed). Fair use principle, once more :-)

Removed from list of suggested bugs