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This page belongs to the TYPO3 Bug Day project (category Project)


Topic for this Bug Day is general bug triage. Here is how it works:

Go to the bugtracker, select the core project in the upper right corner Let's start with the oldest open bugs, so you got to sort the list by ID in ascending order. You then start looking at bug reports that sound interesting to you, pick a report you want to check whether it still applies to current TYPO3 versions (4.2 and 4.1).

Important: post the bug ID in IRC before you start working on it, so that nobody does double work.

When done, add a comment to the bug in the bugtracker about your findings, also add the bug to your list below. This way we can track who did what - maybe there may be some prizes at some day for the most active Bug Day helpers.


Name Bug(s)
Ingo Renner
Benjamin Mack
Oliver Hader 15218: TYPO3 Core - Basic Configuration uses different scheme to write im_path to localconf.php [Closed; assigned to Oliver Hader]
Susanne Moog 14165: TYPO3 Core - Bug in media/scripts/tmenu_layers.php [Closed; assigned to Ingo Renner]

14243: TYPO3 Core - fileadmin links to files are missing part of path [Closed; assigned to Ingo Renner]

14555: TYPO3 Core - Installation Problem [Closed; assigned to Ingo Renner]

14461: TYPO3 Core - using mod_rewrite to mask URL causes Typo3 to always display same content [Closed; assigned to Ingo Renner]

14653: TYPO3 Core - Add onBlur and onFocus functionality [Closed; assigned to Ingo Renner]

14843: TYPO3 Core - Links not being processed properly in extension RTE fields [Closed; assigned to Ingo Renner]

14854: TYPO3 Core - Language dependent text is not visible in TYPO3 3.8 final [Closed; assigned to Ingo Renner]

14490: TYPO3 Core - Linux file permissions of scaled images on some Linux-Installations [Closed; assigned to Michael Stucki]

14866: TYPO3 Core - HMENU, special=directory is only reduced usable (without large detours) [Closed; assigned to Ingo Renner]

15166: TYPO3 Core - typolink ATagParams should have stdWrap properties [Closed]

15160: TYPO3 Core - Filemodule could be more "verbose" [Closed; assigned to Ingo Renner]

15155: TYPO3 Core - <link>mail@address</link> ideally would get linked/wrapped too [Closed; assigned to Ingo Renner]

15048: TYPO3 Core - File -> List : upload files 2 or more fail [Closed; assigned to Ingo Renner]

14740: TYPO3 Core - Pop menus in file tree [Closed]

15236: TYPO3 Core - My host uses symlink on server! [Closed]

15262: TYPO3 Core - Error TYPO3 in windows. Calling history leads to CGI ERROR [Closed]

15411: TYPO3 Core - List module (typo3-dblist) row cycle [Closed]

14396: TYPO3 Core - css for backend is defined with hard sizes / unscaleable [Closed]

14579: TYPO3 Core - error in tslib_fe->getFromCache() with PHP 5 [Closed; assigned to Benni Mack] - pending in core list

15932: TYPO3 Core - Old background when editing templates [Closed; assigned to Oliver Hader]

18570: TYPO3 Core - little design problem in rte: Input of drop-downs is cut in the middle [Closed; assigned to Oliver Hader]

18428: TYPO3 Core - List in Page module has wrong colors [Closed; assigned to Steffen Kamper]

18074: TYPO3 Core - Palette for 'Include static AFTER basedOn' seems to open wrongly. [Closed; assigned to Oliver Hader]

15251: TYPO3 Core - Make all checkboxes use labels in the BE [Rejected]

14678: TYPO3 Core - Deleting pages which are being referred to [Closed]

Christopher Hlubek 19076: TYPO3 Core - typolink check rootline for trees under a page [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn]
Andreas Wolf 18767: TYPO3 Core - Stage change notification emails not send when publishing from Live workspace [Closed; assigned to Benni Mack] - patch pending in Core List
Cyrill Helg 15427: TYPO3 Core - Setting 'displayErrors' has no effect [Closed; assigned to Dmitry Dulepov] - patch is in bug report and fixing the issue
Krystian Szymukowicz 16186: TYPO3 Core - <legend>Search form</legend> is hardcoded [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn] - patch pending in Core List
Christian Müller

Bugs that can be closed

Name Bug(s)
Rob Vonk 14638: TYPO3 Core - Wrong Icon in List View [Closed]: Menu speaks for itself

15361: TYPO3 Core - One can not enter HTML in text or input fields [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn]: An old bugreport from Ingo :)

15373: TYPO3 Core - Template Tool not acessible through HTTPS [Closed; assigned to Oliver Hader]: Template tool works fine in ssl mode

14775: TYPO3 Core - Editing ExtList in Install Tool prevents Extension Manager from installing any more extensions. [Closed; assigned to Karsten Dambekalns]: The installtool writes with single quotes now. No problem anymore.

14806: TYPO3 Core - double quotes for options from install-tool [Closed; assigned to Karsten Dambekalns]: Same as 14775

14520: TYPO3 Core - Newer mobile phones are not recognized by condition [device = wap] [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn]: No feedback ever came. Is someone still using WAP?

14763: TYPO3 Core - Create Files with no correkt umask when using with suphp [Closed]: The related bug (15249) was closed

15203: TYPO3 Core - Copy sites with flexible content elements inside crash with fatal error [Closed; assigned to Robert Lemke]: The patch is applied in 4.2.0 core.

15495: TYPO3 Core - Administration log and Page information show inconsistent user [Closed; assigned to Oliver Hader]: Fixed (see screenshots)

15520: TYPO3 Core - highlighting of module-headers on welcome-page [Closed; assigned to Oliver Hader]: I think they are highlighted now (see screenshot)

15111: TYPO3 Core - FE User Auth - disableIPlock missing [Closed; assigned to René Fritz]: Old bug and no feedback is given since 2006

14202: TYPO3 Core - ImageMagic detection fails in safe_mode [Closed; assigned to Michael Stucki]: Old bug and no feedback is given since 2006. The provided patch isn't valid anymore.

15606: TYPO3 Core - Pages are hidden to early after FE login [Closed; assigned to Christian Jul Jensen]: The new felogin that is standard since 4.2 solves this

15578: TYPO3 Core - HTMLarea not wrapped correctly in "QuickEdit" view [Closed; assigned to Thomas Murphy]: Don't understand and remote screenshot is gone

15531: TYPO3 Core - Tiny visual issues [Closed; assigned to Thomas Murphy]: Screen layout is changed completely since 4.2. related #15087 is already closed.

Cyrill Helg 16878: TYPO3 Core - Cannot upload extension to Typo3 [Closed; assigned to Oliver Hader]: very old and outdated

16862: TYPO3 Core - Hide subpages will make preview impossible [Closed]: can't reproduce, seems to be fixed 16317: TYPO3 Core - Back End login don't work [Closed]: very old and fixed for sure 16257: TYPO3 Core - When i try to use the install tool to create an admin user [Closed]: a user problem I guess

Susanne Moog 16503: TYPO3 Core - get a blank pages in typo3 ( javascript ?) [Closed]: user error

17323: TYPO3 Core - Out of memory in random php-scripts [Closed]: php error, no TYPO3 error

16078: TYPO3 Core - Blank page getting displayed [Closed]: user error

15620: TYPO3 Core - Losing login status with internet explorer 6 and RealURL extension [Closed]: user error

18566: TYPO3 Core - Image crop does not work in RC1 [Closed]: in comments reported as fixed

17823: TYPO3 Core - Survey results are not stored in to database [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn]: not specific enough, most likely user error

17415: TYPO3 Core - Don't work automaketemplate [Closed; assigned to Michael Stucki]: most likely user error

17492: TYPO3 Core - automaketemplate won't work [Closed]: most likely user error

16026: TYPO3 Core - special=directory does not include submenu entries [Closed]: duplicate of #14463 which is fixed and closed

Michael Heigl 19373: TYPO3 Core - Safari or Google Chrome doesn't keep login [Closed]: browser issue not related to typo3

17732: TYPO3 Core - css changes for the t3skin [Closed; assigned to Francois Suter]: patch was rejected by mailing list

17703: TYPO3 Core - Set tt_content.image.20.1.titleInLinkAndImg to 1 [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn]: bug obsolete

Old bugs that can't be reproduced

Name Bug(s)
Rob Vonk 15023: TYPO3 Core - CSS Classes not shown in Pulldown (Internetexplorer) [Closed; assigned to Stanislas Rolland], Non reproducable bug for an old version of tx_rtehtmlarea

15115: TYPO3 Core - Deleting files with no reference [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn]

15174: TYPO3 Core - COntext menu doesn't appear if in main frame [Closed]: Not reproducable with 4.2.0

15552: TYPO3 Core - Erased user group assignment on login [Closed]: Not reproducable with 4.2.0

15565: TYPO3 Core - Rollover Artifacts 'Review and Publish' button in Workspace Manager [Closed]: Not reproducable with 4.2.0 and FF3

15544: TYPO3 Core - Main menu doesn´t display on safari Mac [Closed; assigned to Thomas Murphy]: Not reproducable

Cyrill Helg 16311: TYPO3 Core - Fatal error on Database integrity check [Closed], Can't reproduce.
Michael Heigl 15647: TYPO3 Core - some problems in Opera [Closed] not reproducable with current opera versions

Usability issues that are still valid

Name Bug(s)
Rob Vonk 15570: TYPO3 Core - Pagecontent textarea to small? [Closed; assigned to Steffen Gebert]

15248: TYPO3 Core - When deleting a record in the BE, MsgBox should show the record label [Closed; assigned to Martin Kutschker]

15517: TYPO3 Core - hidden shortcut page misses icon in pagetree [Closed; assigned to Benni Mack]: The 'hidden' iconpart is over the 'shortcut' iconpart

15614: TYPO3 Core - character formatting of complete paragraphs lost [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn]: Making a complete text italic doesn't work