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This page belongs to the TYPO3 Bug Day project (category Project)


Topic for this Bug Day is general bug triage. Here is how it works:

Go to the bugtracker, select the core project in the upper right corner Let's start with the oldest open bugs, so you got to sort the list by ID in ascending order. You then start looking at bug reports that sound interesting to you, pick a report you want to check whether it still applies to current TYPO3 versions (4.2 and 4.1).

Important: post the bug ID in IRC before you start working on it, so that nobody does double work.

When done, add a comment to the bug in the bugtracker about your findings, also add the bug to your list below. This way we can track who did what - maybe there may be some prizes at some day for the most active Bug Day helpers.


Name Bug(s)
Kim Jørgensen (the-leech) tracked and made patch 19265: TYPO3 Core - Not properly escaped HTML chars for comments in objectbrowser [Closed; assigned to Oliver Hader]
Rob Vonk 15248: TYPO3 Core - When deleting a record in the BE, MsgBox should show the record label [Closed; assigned to Martin Kutschker]

15682: TYPO3 Core - Reading folder contents fails if folder name is 0 [Closed; assigned to Dmitry Dulepov] And added a patch for creating directories with '0' as name too.

Christian Jul Jensen (julle) fixed: 19176: TYPO3 Core - mailform requires email field name to be exactly "email" it should be case insensitive [Closed]

forge cleanup:17935: TYPO3 Core - Installation misses key-definition of table pages and create of table fe_users [Closed]14210: TYPO3 Core - SSL - SSL Lock HTTPS Proxy ... [Closed; assigned to Christian Jul Jensen]15135: TYPO3 Core - Typo3 backend does not work with reverse proxy [Closed; assigned to Christian Jul Jensen]14229: TYPO3 Core - Typo3 doesn't support Proxing like Zope for instance [Closed]17814: TYPO3 Core - Implement option to use different Flexform Datastructures per type field value (e.g. CType) [Closed]17542: TYPO3 Core - Conditional Requirment for Fields in BE-Forms [Closed; assigned to Christian Jul Jensen]18021: TYPO3 Core - form and table wizard only apear after first save [Closed]15606: TYPO3 Core - Pages are hidden to early after FE login [Closed; assigned to Christian Jul Jensen]

Mikkel H. Henriksen (Mikkel_) 18403: TYPO3 Core - Shortcutmenu cause JS-Error in IE [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn]
Martin B. Nielsen (bjerregaard) Supplied patch for 17940: TYPO3 Core - t3lib_DB displays wrong SQL in error case [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn]
Christian Kuhn (lolli) 15385: TYPO3 Core - CSH missing for localization settings of pages [Closed; assigned to Dmitry Dulepov] Added patch
Johannes Pieper (johpie) Made patch for 19219: TYPO3 Core - Wrong display of deleted owners and groups in web->access->permissions [Closed; assigned to Jeff Segars]

Bugs that can be closed

Name Bug(s)
Christian Kuhn 19251: TYPO3 Core - "Show content from this page instead" does not work across Domain-Trees in multidomain environment [Closed], close requested by reporter.

18547: TYPO3 Core - JS error alt_db_navframe.php#91 [Closed], close requested by reporter.

16914: TYPO3 Core - Optimizing tables to speed up FE [Closed; assigned to Dmitry Dulepov], issue not exact enough.

18059: TYPO3 Core - Login into BE is not possible [Closed; assigned to Dmitry Dulepov], old and not enough information.

Rob Vonk 15271: TYPO3 Core - t3lib_tceforms references hardcoded tx_templavoila [Closed; assigned to Robert Lemke], old bug for an old version for typo3 and templavoila. The refered linenumber doesn't have a reference to templavolia.

15344: TYPO3 Core - frameset+realurl+config.baseUrl failed for search engines [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn] Closed by Dmitry Dulepov.

15634: TYPO3 Core - install text font too big [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn] Not really a problem

Johannes Pieper 18837: TYPO3 Core - Missing dot in t3lib_TStemplate line 1377 [Closed] close requested by reporter.

Old bugs that can't be reproduced

Name Bug(s)
Johannes Pieper 19016: TYPO3 Core - wrong informations in user online list [Closed]
Christian Kuhn 18082: TYPO3 Core - All TS coming after [usergroup=*] condition not working [Closed]

18049: TYPO3 Core - Submodules of Web module can't work with mod.php and the _DISPATCH system [Closed; assigned to Steffen Kamper]

16408: TYPO3 Core - No unicode signs possible in title [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn]

17435: TYPO3 Core - Setting [FE][lifetime] higher than one week, disables Login [Closed]

18468: TYPO3 Core - class.tslib_pibase.php::pi_list_query() does not support DISTINCT [Closed], no feedback for a long time

Usability issues that are still valid

Name Bug(s)
Rob Vonk 15652: TYPO3 Core - Border for fields of TCA-type 'none' too dark [Closed]

15682: TYPO3 Core - Reading folder contents fails if folder name is 0 [Closed; assigned to Dmitry Dulepov] Verified for Typo3 4.2.1 and php 5.2.4 (fix provided)