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This page belongs to the TYPO3 Bug Day project (category Project)


Topic for this Bug Day is "ReviewDay", thus we're going to concentrate on patch reviews from the core list mainly.

Here is how it works:

  • list pending bugs/features in the bugtracker
  • look to the bug reports and pick an issue that sounds interesting to you
  • Important: post the bug ID in IRC before you start working on it, so that nobody doues double work (the lists below show who is currently working on a specific issue)
  • check if the bug/feature report still applies to current TYPO3 versions (Trunk/4.3 and 4.2)
  • now the reviewing and testing process starts - so, search for the bug/feature ID in the TYPO3 Core List
  • apply the provided patch file to your local TYPO3 installation and test if the patch solves the issue
  • additionally you can also review the code and make sure if it's clean and understandable or has several programming flaws
  • finally post your vote (+1 if everything was fine or -1 if something was wrong with an accordant description) to the TYPO3 Core List

If you didn't work on the TYPO3 Core List before, you'll find helpful information about the review process and communication here

This way we can track who did what - maybe there may be some prizes at some day for the most active Bug Day helpers.

Pending bugs in core list that are ready to commit

Name Bug(s)
Stefano Kowalke 19611: TYPO3 Core - Add a way to hook into the publish process for a workspace [Closed; assigned to Steffen Kamper]

19626: TYPO3 Core - ClearCacheMenu doesn't work when click on icon [Closed; assigned to Steffen Kamper]

Reviewed bugs that need +1 from core member

Name Bug(s)
Stefano Kowalke 19645: TYPO3 Core - Filepermissons (RW) in filelist was hardcoded [Closed; assigned to Dmitry Dulepov]

19574: TYPO3 Core - wrong anchor links with absRefPrefix option enabled [Closed; assigned to Dmitry Dulepov]

19432: TYPO3 Core - getHtmlTemplate should use resolveBackPath [Closed; assigned to Ernesto Baschny]

Christian Kuhn 17112: TYPO3 Core - Add file operation permissions for back-end user groups [Closed; assigned to Oliver Hader]

19651: TYPO3 Core - Strings 'TEMP' and 'RECYCLER' are hardcoded in the filetree [Closed; assigned to Oliver Hader] nobrainer

18836: TYPO3 Core - Hardcoded labels in template module [typo3/sysext/tstemplate/ts] [Closed; assigned to Oliver Hader]

Working on these bugs

Name Bug(s)
Christian Kuhn 17524: TYPO3 Core - 'Lastlogin' for FE Users not shown in BE [Closed; assigned to Martin Kutschker]

17225: TYPO3 Core - Pagination to the List module [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn]

Patches that don't work / need some work

Name Bug(s)
Sven Weiss 18287: TYPO3 Core - Login-error or session timed-out - Missing translation [Closed; assigned to Benni Mack] (note: added a patch file in the bugtracker. perhaps it is exactly what we need here. greets sven)

Bugs that can be closed

Name Bug(s)
14947: TYPO3 Core - Mail form won't send from typo-script produced mail form [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn]

19413: TYPO3 Core - Problems with the Menu Sitemap [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn] and it's duplicate: Not a bug

14786: TYPO3 Core - Contextmenu in fileadmin don't show up for files with 2 points in filename [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn]

Old bugs that can't be reproduced

Name Bug(s)

17373: TYPO3 Core - TSFE : beUserLogin doesn't work, when config.baseUrl is set. [Closed; assigned to Benni Mack]: Not reproducable.

14618: TYPO3 Core - letter 'ő' handling problem [Closed]: Unable to reproduce, not exact enough, no feedback for a long time

Usability issues that are still valid

Name Bug(s)