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This page belongs to the TYPO3 Bug Day project (category Project)



The topic for TYPO3 Bug Day of May 28, 2010 is fixing bugs in TYPO3 4.4, so that we get a beautiful and shiny release in June. Please consider the "TYPO3 Core" only, not extensions.

How does it work

  • look to the bug reports and pick an issue that sounds interesting to you
  • Important: post the bug ID in IRC before you start working on it, so that nobody does double work (the lists below show who is currently working on a specific issue)
  • check if the bug/feature report still applies to current TYPO3 versions (Trunk, 4.3 and 4.2)
  • now the reviewing and testing process starts - so, search for the bug/feature ID in the TYPO3 Core List
  • apply the provided patch file to your local TYPO3 installation and test if the patch solves the issue
  • additionally you can also review the code and make sure if it's clean and understandable or has several programming flaws
  • finally post your vote (+1 if everything was fine or -1 if something was wrong with an accordant description) to the TYPO3 Core List

If you didn't work on the TYPO3 Core List before, you'll find helpful information about the review process and communication here



Core Mailing List

IRC Communication Channel

For new bug hunters

Read Getting ready for a Bug Day


Meeting places

If you want to offer a meeting place for this Bug Day, please list it here. Give enough details to enable people to find the place, but if you need to give a lot of details please just put a link to some other page.

For participants: please enter yourself in the place where you plan to attend.

Mannheim, Germany

Meeting place: kuehlhaus AG, Full Service Internet Agentur, from 09:00 onwards.

Participants: Stefan Isak, Markus Bucher, Andreas Lappe, (add yourself here)

Hamburg, Germany

Meeting place: e-netconsulting KG, TYPO3 & Android Development, from 09:00 onwards.

Participants: Christian Kuhn (CoreDev), Volker Graubaum, Felix Oertel, Tobias Liebig (CoreDev), (add yourself here)

Düsseldorf, Germany

Meeting place: wmdb office, from 10:00 onwards, up to 8 People. Please contact Pekue (peter(dot)kuehn(at)wmdb(dot)de) if you want to join in Düsseldorf.

participants: Steffen Kamper (CoreDev), Andreas Grunwald, Peter Kühn, (add yourself here)

Individual participants

Enter your name here so as not to be forgotten

  • Steffen Ritter
  • Philipp Gampe
  • Susanne Moog
  • Oliver Hader
  • Benjamin Mack
  • Andy Grunwald
  • Oliver Klee
  • Stefano Kowalke

Review Process

Put the bug in the appropriate category and put your name next to it. When you're finished working on a given bug, move it to the relevant category (if different than current one) and remove your name.

Committed during bugday

These are the patches that were effectively committed.

Bug Name
17940: TYPO3 Core - t3lib_DB displays wrong SQL in error case [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn] Christian Kuhn
16324: TYPO3 Core - Empty reference index table [Closed; assigned to Tobias Liebig] Tobias Liebig
14941: TYPO3 Core - eval => required @ textareas [Closed; assigned to Michael Stucki]
19567: TYPO3 Core - Wrong xclass definition in t3lib/t3lib_rteapi.php [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn] Christian Kuhn
22734: TYPO3 Core - HTML is shown in sysext belog after the usage of the sprite api for icons [Closed; assigned to Oliver Hader] Oliver Hader
22321: TYPO3 Core - typoLink() always creates absolute links when using more than one domain records [Closed; assigned to Tobias Liebig] Tobias Liebig
22170: TYPO3 Core - sysext:version needs doNotLoadInFE => 0 [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn] Christian Kuhn
21914: TYPO3 Core - Datepicker doesn't work in Internet Explorer 8 [Closed; assigned to Steffen Kamper] Christian Kuhn
25585: TYPO3 Core - saving per ajax call not possible [Closed; assigned to Administrator Admin] Tobias Liebig
21561: TYPO3 Core - fileNameASCIIPrefix got deprecated but is used in core [Closed; assigned to Susanne Moog] Susanne Moog
20688: TYPO3 Core - New labels in the log-module are hardcoded [Closed; assigned to Susanne Moog] Susanne Moog
22700: TYPO3 Core - TCEforms: Use fieldsets for palettes instead of tables [Closed; assigned to Benni Mack] Susanne Moog
22735: TYPO3 Core - treeView implementation fails in adding title-tags to sprite icons [Closed; assigned to Steffen Ritter] Susanne Moog

Ready to commit

These patches have all the vote needed. They need just be committed by a Core Team member. Committed patches stay here, they will just appear as resolved.

Bug Name
20697: TYPO3 Core - unwanted control fields exported in csv file [Closed; assigned to Peter Niederlag] Andreas Lappe
22701: TYPO3 Core - Remove old_backend [Closed; assigned to Steffen Kamper] Christian Kuhn

Needs a core +1

These patches need a +1 from a Core Team member

Bug Name
22097: TYPO3 Core - Workspace filemounts don't respect user filemounts [Closed; assigned to Benni Mack]
22243: TYPO3 Core - Several GIFBUILDER features broken for IM6 and GM [Closed; assigned to Jigal van Hemert] Jörg Wagner
15250: TYPO3 Core - t3lib_BEfunc::blindUserNames() does not work sometimes [Closed]
22666: TYPO3 Core - Rename the test cases from *_testcase to *Test [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn] Stefano Kowalke
22738: TYPO3 Core - Increase width of module menu and navigation frame [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn]
22740: TYPO3 Core - Remove "bigButtons" by default in Page module [Closed; assigned to Steffen Kamper]
22741: TYPO3 Core - Improve rendering of icons in t3-row-header [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn]

Needs anyone's +1

These patches have already been reviewed by a Core Team member and need one more vote from anyone.

Bug Name
21764: TYPO3 Core - Use "strong" instead of "b" [Closed; assigned to Steffen Kamper] Stefano Kowalke

Needs reviews

These patches have no reviews yet.

Bug Name
19283: TYPO3 Core - page cache is not influenced by tt_content.starttime/endtime [Closed]

Needs work

These patches are not working anymore and should be reworked.

Bug Name
16335: TYPO3 Core - t3lib_div::getIndpEnv('TYPO3_DOCUMENT_ROOT') delivers wrong value in Backend [Closed; assigned to Steffen Kamper]


Working on these bugs (development)

Bug(s) Name
22187: TYPO3 Core - rsaauth doesn't work with special characters (like ä ü ö § ) in password [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn] Tobias Liebig
22537: TYPO3 Core - logging into the Install Tool gives an alert [Closed; assigned to Steffen Kamper] Tobias Liebig


Bugs that can be closed

Name Bug(s)
Andy L 21542: TYPO3 Core - Ajax-Relogin uses hardcoded label "Please wait" (although translation is present) [Closed; assigned to Christian Kuhn]
Christopher ...

Closed bugs

Name Bug(s)
Stefano Kowalke ...

Duplicate bugs

Name Bug(s)

Old bugs that can't be reproduced

Name Bug(s)
... ...

Usability issues that are still valid

Name Bug(s)