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CMS-Team/201411 CMS Team Meeting

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CMS Team Real Life Meeting in November 2014 in Hannover

November 10, 2014 - November 11, 2014 We start every day around 9:30


  • Christian Kuhn
  • Helmut Hummel
  • Xavier Perseguers (arrives late on sat already)
  • Ernesto Baschny
  • Matthias Schreiber
  • Benjamin Mack (arrives on sun around 5pm)


Bitmotion GmbH, Immengarten 16-18, 30177 Hannover


  • 7.0 release date
  • Topics for the next releases (detailled plan about the next releases)
  • Sprint planning 2015
  • Discuss PHP requirements and give a fix statement
  • How to deal with breaking changes from 7.2 to 7.3
  • How is the merge window / stabilization phase process?
  • Automate release process (also for maintenance releases)
  • Define everything here:
  • Technical discussions
    • Talk about Localization Files, Moving these Files, and removing locallang labels
    • Define proper folder structure for extensions
    • Install Tool Presets vs. Application Context
    • Trusted Hosts Pattern