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CMS CodeSprint 2014/2: Venlo

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The second code sprint for TYPO3 CMS 6.2 in 2014 will take place in Venlo, Netherlands.


The hashtag for the event is #t3sprint

Date and Times

Monday, March 10th - Wednesday, March 12th 2014

The start of the code sprint will be around 9am on Monday, March 10th.

If you have a longer travel time please consider traveling on Sunday evening. The hotel costs for the night extra upfront will be covered.

On each day we start coding at 9am-10am.

Map and Location

  • Address: Beech.IT, Wilhelminapark 1, 5911 EC Venlo
  • Hotel: Hotel Puur, Parade 7a, 5911 CA Venlo

Code Sprint Topics/Goals

Our Topics most probably are:

  1. Fixing (minor) Bugs for the Final release
  2. Review Docs/Links like, the Upgrade Resources and so on.
  3. Probably finalize the press releases with the press officer (even though they already should have been done by then)
  4. Check the distributions
  5. Check installation process on different systems
  6. Check, Update and Release „core related“ extensions in TER
  7. QA, QA, QA
  8. Checking sysext versions and dependencies…
  9. Probably adapt release process if needed (different package types)
  10. Work on the smoothmigration extension again


# Name days on site needs hotel room arriving Sunday comments
1 Frans Saris Monday - Wednesday no no
2 Steffen Ritter Monday - Wednesday yes yes
3 Sebastian Fischer Monday - Wednesday yes yes
4 Fabien Udriot Monday - Wednesday yes yes single room
5 Stefan Frömken Monday - Wednesday yes yes single room
6 foertel Monday - Wednesday yes no
7 Patrick Broens Monday - Wednesday yes yes
8 Ernesto Baschny Monday - Wednesday yes yes
9 Daniel Siepmann Monday - Wednesday yes yes
10 Sebastian Müller Monday - Wednesday no no
11 Mathias Schreiber Monday - Wednesday no yes special case - I could come every day by car
12 Martin Bless Monday - Wednesday yes no
  • Please add your name and the days you plan to participate
  • Maximum 12 participants possible

The TYPO3 Association is taking care of travel and accommodation expenses for all participants.


We reserved accomodation for 11 people from Sunday to Wednesday in single rooms. We will cancel extend the reservation at March 2nd according to the registration on this WikiPage. Afterwards participation is only possible for an hotel room on your own.


If you have questions, or if you like to participate or offer some sponsoring, just get in contact with Steffen Ritter (steffen dot ritter et typo3 dot org) or Ernesto Baschny (ernesto dot baschny et typo3 dot org)