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CMS CodeSprint 2014/3: Bremen

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The third code sprint for TYPO3 CMS in 2014 will take place in Bremen, Germany


The hashtag for the event is #t3sprint

Date and Times

Friday, May 2nd - Sunday, May 4th 2014

The start of the code sprint will be around 9:30am on Friday, May 2nd.

If you have a longer travel time please consider traveling on Thursday - it's a national holiday. The hotel is booked as of Thursday for all participants

On each day we start coding at 9:39am-10am.

Map and Location

Address: hmmh multimediahaus AG, Am Weser-Terminal 1, 28217 Bremen, 12th floor

Meeting room of the board.

Contact person: Holger Thoese / Judith Menke

Code Sprint Topics/Goals

Our Topics are not yet set. Most probably the KickOff at ACME14N will set some topics for the sprint. Eventually a 6.2.1 will be a topic, too.


We reserved accommodation for up 16 people from Thursday to Sunday in single rooms including breakfast at the IBIS Altstadt Bremen. We now (10.04.2014 10:00) canceled all not needed rooms - if you wann participate please book yourself (all people until #14 have been taken into account).


# Name days on site needs hotel room arriving Thursday comments
1 Philipp Gampe Friday - Sunday yes yes T3o code sprint
2 Nicole Cordes Thursday - Sunday yes yes
3 Anja Leichsenring Friday - Sunday yes yes
4 Marc Bastian Heinrichs Friday - Sunday yes no
5 Sascha Wilking Friday - Sunday no no hmmh
7 Nadir Sunar Friday - Sunday no no hmmh
8 Nico Schober Friday - Sunday no no hmmh
9 Christian Kuhn Friday - Sunday yes yes 42
10 Mathias Schreiber Friday - Sunday yes yes by car from Düsseldorf, free spots
11 Andreas Wolf Saturday before noon - Sunday yes nope in Berlin Thu-Sat morning, will come from there
12 Oliver Hader Friday - Sunday yes not sure yet by train from Hof
13 Felix Oertel Friday - Sunday yes yes
14 Helmut Hummel Friday - Sunday no no
15 Jan Runte Friday - Sunday no no hmmh
  • Please add your name and the days you plan to participate
  • Maximum 16 participants possible

The TYPO3 Association is taking care of travel and accommodation expenses for all participants.


If you have questions, or if you like to participate or offer some sponsoring, just get in contact with Steffen Ritter (steffen dot ritter et typo3 dot org) or Ernesto Baschny (ernesto dot baschny et typo3 dot org)


  • hmmh for having us
  • in2code for sponsoring 130,70 EUR (remaining from T3ACME14N pizza sponsoring of 300 EUR)