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CMS CodeSprint 2014/6: Hamburg

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The sixth code sprint "aka KoppSprint" for TYPO3 CMS in 2014 will take place in Hamburg, Germany. Next to the one or the other casual review and bugfixing, active contributors are currently focusing on revamping the backend, so lots of energy will be put into this area during the sprint.


The hashtag for the event is #t3sprint

Date and Times

Wednesday, November 12th - Sunday, November 16th 2014

The start of the code sprint will be around 9:30am on Wednesday, November 12th.

If you have a longer travel time please consider traveling on Tuesday.

On each day we start coding at 9:30am - 10:00am.

Map and Location


Portaltech Reply GmbH Griegstr. 75 D-22763 Hamburg

Organizer & Contact person: PHORAX / Felix Kopp (@7elix on Twitter),+22763+Hamburg

Code Sprint Topics/Goals

Backend Interface and modules:

  • Merge more features from extension Flat into TYPO3 (
  • Implement new ToolbarItem interface for the topbar
  • Resolve ExtJS Viewport Configuration and replace with responsive DIV-container based scaffold
  • Improve color platte and typography
  • Merge backend modules following decisions from ACME14 (muc+nuremberg)


Hotel Schmidt Reventlowstraße 60 22605 Hamburg (no complete english version at

Route from Hotel to Location:,+Reventlowstraße+60,+22605+Hamburg/Griegstraße+75,+22763+Hamburg

Either by car or S-Bahn. S-Bahn Station "S Hamburg-Othmarschen" to "S Hamburg-Bahrenfeld": takes 2minutes.

  • Arrival by ICE at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof*

Follow the sign to "S-Bahn". Take S-Bahn "S1" in direction "Blankenese" - leave train at "S-Othmarschen" (18 minutes). Hotel Schmidt is just across the exist of S-Bahn Othmarschen.

  • Arrival by Car from Hannover*

Take Autobahn "A7" from the south through Elbtunnel. Use first exit after Elbtunnel: Othmarschen. Be careful: use **right** Elbtunnel-Röhre or you will not be able to exit at Othmarschen. Once left and one turn to the right, you reached the destination.

Participants on *location in Hamburg

# Name days on site needs hotel room arriving Tuesday comments Booking details
1 Felix Kopp Wednesday - Sunday no
2 Christian Kuhn Wednesday - Sunday no
3 Mathias Schreiber Wednesday - Sunday yes yes by car from Hannover -> HH on Tuesday and from HH to D on Sunday Thanks, booked a single room 11.11.-16.11.
4 Benjamin Kott Wednesday - Sunday yes yes Thanks, booked a single room 11.11.-16.11.
5 Benjamin Mack Wednesday - Sunday yes yes Thanks, booked a single room 11.11.-16.11.
6 Frank Nägler Wednesday - Friday no no all days only until 17:00
7 Anja Leichsenring Wednesday - Sunday no no
8 Oliver Hader Thursday-Sunday yes no pre-exam on Wednesday Thanks, booked a single room 13.11.-16.11.
9 Stefan Frömken Wednesday - Friday yes Thanks, booked a single room 12.11.-16.11.
10 Daniel Schwarz All days no
11 Jan Helke Thursday - Saturday no
12 Thorsten Griebenow All days no
12,5 Eugene Kenah Djomo All days no
12,99 Dirk Lipjes All days no Thanks, waiting for -hotel confirmation- single room 12.11.-14.11.

  • Please add your name and the days you plan to participate
  • Maximum 12,5 participants possible

The TYPO3 Association is taking care of travel and accommodation expenses for all participants.

Participants *remote

# Name Days Contact (Slack/Skype/IRC)
1 Wouter Wolters Thursday Slack+


If you have questions, or if you like to participate or offer some sponsoring, just get in contact with Felix Kopp ( or @7elix on Twitter).


  • Portaltech Reply for having us
  • PHORAX for organizing