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CMS Code Sprint 2013 Stuttgart

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The code sprint for TYPO3 CMS 6.1 with the topic JavaScript will take place in Stuttgart. It will be about streamlining the JavaScript APIs and utilization of JavaScript in the TYPO3 Core.


The hashtag for the event is #t3sprint


1) Dynamic JS API We want a flexible way so extensions (requireJS "modules") can hook into each module or in every page load of the T3 backend, and even replace existing JS code that is loaded.

* We try this by using RequireJS and ExtensionManagementUtility and prepare a patch for it.

2) Replace existing old JS code and PrototypeJS Code by RequireJS modeles with jQuery API

* We create a list where the existing JS code is used, and then replace each code by the new API

Plain Old JS

* t3lib/js/adminpanel.js
* FormEngine.php: TCEForms Validation
* t3lib/jsfunc.evalfield.js: TCEFORMs Validation
* typo3/jsfunc.tbe_editor.js: TCEForms
* t3lib/jsfunc.inline.js: IRRE
* typo3/tab.js: Dynamic Textareas in BE
* Element Browser


* t3lib/js/jscunf.tceforms_suggest.js (TCEForms.Suggest)
* typo3/jsfunc.placeholder.js (Placeholder Support for IE)

Refactor everything in typo3/js/


  • t3lib/ JSMENU und TMENU_LAYERS und GMENU_LAYERS schmeißen
  • Frontend: t3lib/jsfunc.formupdate.js und cObject->getUpdateJS deprecaten --- (fe_adminlib)
  • Frontend: jsfunc.validateform.js cObject FORM --- (typo3/sysext/frontend/Classes/ContentObject/FormContentObject.php)
  • md5.js: Move in correct folder

3) Define rules for coding JS We write down how we code:

* No inline JS anymore ("onclick="") but use defined classes (prepare a list of CSS classes and name scheme)
* Wrap everything in jQuery plugins so it is modular

Date and Times

Thursday, March 14th - Sunday, March 17th 2013

We start right after lunch on thursday, and wrap up things on sunday around 3pm. On each day we start coding at 9am-10am.

On thursday night, there will be the TYPO3 UserGroup Stuttgart at the location where the code sprint is.

Map and Location

The hosting company ( will be host of the code sprint. We can use the facilities given by jweiland at the Filderstadt offices.


Address: Echterdinger Straße 57, 70794 Filderstadt

Code Sprint Topics/Goals

  • Finalize inclusion of jquery and formulate a way to make it flexible and extensible for extensions to provide jQuery plugins
  • Finalize JS coding guidelines and testing suites for the TYPO3 Core
  • Rewrite all parts of the TYPO3 Core from prototype.js to jQuery
  • Deprecate prototype.js


  • Benni Mack
  • Martin Bless
  • Thomas Löffler
  • Daniel Sattler
  • ...
  • Please add your name and the days you plan to participate

The TYPO3 Association is taking care of travel and accommodation expenses for all participants.


suitable hotels in the area will follow soon


  • Still open - sponsoring pizza, drinks is always highly appreciated.


If you have questions, or if you like to participate or offer some sponsoring, just get in contact with Benni Mack (benni dot mack et typo3 dot org)