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What is it about

The idea of the extension rgmediaimages should get into the core to allow the following things:

  • Reanimate the cObj MULTIMEDIA by including it into the content element "Text with Meda" (formally known as "Text with images"
  • Being able to treat multimedia elements like images, position them as images, give them a caption text, ...
  • Being able to emebed videos from all the well known video hosters like youtube,,, metaCafe,...

Just to get the idea how the whole thing can look like: Please visit my website and take also a look at the subpages how youtube videos are embedded and how cool you can position them.

What to do

The task can be split into 2 major parts

1.: Embed local files

  • Embed proprietary file formats: wmv (Windows media video), mov (Quicktime). There is no other way than just embed the WM-Player & Quicktime-Player
  • Embed all other files
    • sound files: mp3, ogg, wav, ... => Which (flash) player ?
    • video files: swf => Which flash player?

2.: Embed external files

To be able to embed external files there need to be at least one major change to the Element Browser because if an external file is embedded, there needs to be a placeholder to identify the place of the file.
So one way could be this one

  1. Open the Element Browser
  2. Choose the tab "External file" and enter the url into it and save it
  3. TYPO3 now needs to create a tempory file with the url in it and saving this one as placeholder.

What to discuss?

  1. Which Flash player should be used? Don't forget the licensing! The great JW FLV Player is not!! GPL, just Creative Common
  2. How to embed external files?
  3. Of course everything else is still possible to change, nothing done yet)

What can you do?

Please post your opinion here or discuss it with my via skype ( or email

Which Flash Video Player?

× Licence Play videos Play sound files
JW FLV Player Creative Common yes yes
Swfdec GPL yes ?
3 3 6 9
4 4 8 12
5 5 10 15

info - Idea

Css_Styled_content & cObj MULTIMEDIA

External Video Player Sources