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This page belongs to the /Subteam A ContentTeam (category CT)

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Subteam A - Concept, Structure & content

Andreas (head), Sander (concept), Ben, Gina




  • CT/08-01-18 - Protocol from the Skype meeting on 08-01-18
  • CT/08-01-11 - Protocol from the Skype meeting on 08-01-11
  • 08-01-08 - Gina did not find anybody via Skype
  • CT/08-01-04 - Protocol from the Skype meeting on 08-01-04
  • CT/07-12-21 - Protocol from the Skype meeting on 07-12-21
  • CT/07-12-18 - Protocol from the skype meeting on 07-12-18
  • CT/07-12-14 - Protocol from the skype meeting on 07-12-14

HowTo create a wiki-subpage

  1. Add the link to the new page: for example CT/Sandbox just english pagenames in this wiki
  2. Copy-paste this into the new page: {{Head-T3OrgCT}} {{draft}}
  3. If it's a translation add also the LanguageSwitch Help



  • Only one person for moving the content
  • The content will be cut from the .org-tree into the, not copied. Cut: to have a better overview which content is already recycled. This will be done from a "content worker" on the base of Andis roadmap. We will also import a .t3d from to have this content available for c&p.

Target groups

There will be a splash screen as first page, have a look at have a look at CT/Public_report which leads the users deeper into the tree (New to TYPO3 -> For Clients, New to TYPO3 -> For Editors and New to TYPO3 -> For Developers).

We agreed on the 3 target groups but will work on the naming.


5.x and the Framwork (UNKNOWN3) is reflected in the current page tree.



  • Native Speakers
    • Bill Tenny-Brittian, bill[AT]webempoweredchurch[DOT]org, bill.tenny.brittian
    • Jeff Segars, jsegars[AT]alumni[DOT]rice[DOT]edu, jsegars
    • Christoph Koehler, christoph[AT]webempoweredchurch[DOT]org, cmkoehler
  • Content workers
    • Support with the wiki: Daniel Brüßler,, skype danielbruessler