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Skype Meeting on 07-12-14 10-11h

Attendees: Andi, Ben, Sander, Gina


Work on the page tree

  • we decided to start our work with the current page tree on t3punkt
  • Andi will put this structure into mind42
  • we will comment this version until Thursday, 07-12-18 10h
  • we will skype about that on Thursday, 07-12-18 10h
  • afterwards Gina will move this version to t3punkt
  • then we can make further comments in mind42
  • Gina will take this ideas and reflect them on t3punkt (let's play around)
  • make further comments, reflect on t3punkt, ... until done (this year)

Target groups


  • there is the possiblity to extend the current t3punkt tree as shown in ImprovedPageTree.pdf (delivered per skype) to fit the needs of 5.x. This is just for information.




Next Skype meeting

  • Thursday, 07-12-18 10