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Skype Meeting on 07-12-21 10-11:30h

Attendees: Andi, Ben, Gina, partly Jens


  • Gina will put the protocol, links, information etc into the wiki




  • Skip Boris Podzeit, the guy who offered his help to Mattes at the T3con
  • Only one person for moving the content (for the moment Martin Holz)
  • The content will be cut from the .org-tree into the, not copied. Cut: to have a better overview which content is already recycled. This will be done from a "content worker" on the base of Andis roadmap.
  • There will be no "muticolor" navigation

To be noted

  • Community > People > Who is Who: Something like maybe rendered out of the information in the personal TYPO3 account but also with a kind of interview

Next Skype meeting

  • Friday, 08-01-04 10h
  • Set up voice & chat window: Netherlands