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Skype Meeting on 08-01-04 10-10:15h

Attendees: Ben, Gina


  • Gina will put the protocol, links, information etc into the wiki

Things to work on until next meeting

  • We have to think about the access rights - especially regarding some sub branches of the page tree (e.g. team pages). We can divide this in in a technical an organizational part. Maybe Sander can work on the organizational part.
  • We have to think about how to keep important urls upright. (keyword realurl encoding). Ben will ask Dmitry about that.
  • We have to think about the error page handling (keyword 404).
  • We have to think about which links should be available as permanent url - regardless of realurl (maybe handled as rewrite rules in htaccess)


  • The page tree is moved to t3punkt



Wait for

  • Andis roadmap for moving the content
  • Daniel sending a sitemap of
  • Gina phoning Martin Holz regarding moving the content
  • Ben taking care of the alias thingy

Next Skype meeting

  • Tuesday, 08-01-08 10h
  • Set up voice & chat window: Netherlands