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Skype Meeting on 08-01-11 10-11:30h

Attendees: Ben, Gina, Robert


  • Gina will put the protocol, links, information etc into the wiki

Things to work on until next meeting

  • look over the following links in the official wiki (this are the most active pages, we should use this know how):
  • think about the "non-content" pages, which have to be moved. e.g. reference list, TER, start page (news)... maybe Bodo can thake care of this?
  • will will be completely integrated?


CT/ToDo You now can click "see our current activities" in the team-header. --Daniel Brüßler 23:30, 17 January 2008 (CET)


We will move the wiki pages to the official wiki.

Wait for

  • Daniel sending a .t3d of
  • Ben taking care of the alias thingy
  • Stuff from Sander

Next Skype meeting

  • Friday, 08-01-18 10h
  • Set up voice & chat window: Netherlands