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This page belongs to the /Subteam A ContentTeam (category CT)

08-01-25 General meeting

  • Gina: set up a list of all subdomains in the wmdb wiki DONE
    • Jens: extend it
    • All: extend it more
    •  ?: care for each subdomain
  • Dmitry (maybe Wolfgang): URLs despite realurl
  • Sander: care for the concept & content behind the 3 landing pages
  • Ben: tool tips
  • Ben: error pages
  • Daniel: reference database
  • Ben: alias in typo3
  • Mads Brun or Joey: taxometry/tagging
  • Ingo: take care of keeping important URLs regarding realurl
  • Robert: take care of all UNKNOWN3 and TYPO3 5.x pages & content
  • Sebastian: access rights (ACL) technical stuff
  • Sander?: Concept about the ACLs
  • Steffen (Ingo): TER
  •  ?: news
  •  ?: extension manager


  • Everybody: mark the ToDos with DONE if they are done
  • Andi: communicate with Martin
  • Ben: work with Jens
  • Gina: got access to and try to export some .t3d DONE can't export more than 2 levels, help needed
  • Gina: get email addresses for Daniel, Luc, Gina DONE
  • Gina: communicate with dodger about the possibility to run the official wiki on php5 DONE
  • Gina: send contact of Daniel to Robert DONE
  • Gina: work on the list send by Robert, covering all sub domains, even .com DONE
  • Martin: communicate with Andi
  • Daniel: care for displaying mindmaps in the wiki
  • Daniel: care for single sign on regarding the wiki (long term)
  • Daniel: care for linking easily between and the wiki


  • Andi: attend the next time
  • Andi: work on the mindmap
  • Andi: communicate with Martin
  • Ben: ask Mads Brunn if he will care for the tagging DONE
  • Ben: think about the access rights, think about who could care about that (maybe Sebastian) DONE
  • Ben: will take care of the error page thingy, he will guide this to Dmitry DONE
  • Gina: Set up the extended page tree (regarding UNKNOWN3) in mind42 and t3punkt DONE
  • Gina: give Robert access to t3punkt DONE
  • Gina: update Andi regarding the content move roadmap DONE
  • Gina: Tell Mattes that we'll move the wiki pages into the official wiki DONE
  • Gina: Contact Daniel B. if he could move the wiki pages DONE
  • Martin: move some content until the 25.1.08
  • Martin: communicate with Andi
  • Robert: put some UNKNOWN3 content in t3punkt
  • Sander: look at his ToDos
  • Sander: care for Jens' "main communication target"
  • Sander: care for the "concept" in "Concept, Structure & content"


  • Gina: contact Daniel Brüßler and ask him if he wants to join the team. DONE
  • Gina: ask Daniel for a .t3d of for integrating in t3punkt (to move the .com content into the new pagetree) DONE


  • Ben: put contact information from Jeff into the wiki: CT#Jobs ***DONE***
  • Ben: care for the alias/title/tooltip thingy ***WILL DO LIVE***
  • Gina: ask Mattes if he means the "same Bill" as Steffen (in his mail as native speaker) DONE
  • Gina: contact the guy shown up in the official mailing list as "content worker" (Martin Holz), add the contact in the wiki: CT#Jobs DONE
  • Gina: export the current live page tree of and send it to Andi via mail DONE
  • Gina: will go through the list of .org subdomains DONE
  • Gina: will think about where to put in the page tree
  • Gina: move the page tree from mind42 to t3punkt DONE
  • Gina: upadte the wiki an write the protocol DONE
  • Gina: ask Robert about the extension made by TYPO3Partners (regarding the reference list on t3pages) DONE
  • Andi: put the contact from Christoph Köhler into the wiki: CT#Jobs ***DONE***
  • Andi: will work out a roadmap for moving the content
  • Jens: will think about the icons on the overview pages and join the next skype meeting
  • Sander: if Martin Holz is overstrained with moving the content, Sander will find another "content worker" (let's wait and see)
  • Sander: write down the business concept behind the homepage and the sub landing pages



  • Andi: build the sitemap in map42 DONE
  • Gina: upadte the wiki an write the protocol DONE
  • Everybody: comment map24 until Thursday, 07-12-18 10h DONE