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CT/Usability tests

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This page belongs to the /Subteam A ContentTeam (category CT)

First test 2007-06-18 (Gina)

Setup: Demowebsite recorded with a screen recorder including audio. 5 test persons (1 pupil, 1 student, 3 sysadmins)

First Impressions:

First Impressions times mentioned
Sponsor links are too dominant and seen as a menu 4
Gray bar is distracting 3
Too many entries in the dropdown 2
Orange menu does not attract attention 1
Too many entries in the first level 1
What means Overview? 1
Why two times Search? 1
Too many levels 1
License below OpenSource.. how should I know 1
The search in the upper right corner is great 1
The GoTo Dropdown in the upper right corner is great 1
Things below the 2nd level are not found 1


Task found almost not comments
Search screen shots 3 2 3 x found Demo, 2 x search in Documentation
Search license 1 4 3 x search in Download, 2 x searching in Overview??
Search Reference pages 5 4 x search in Press, 1 x search in Community, 1 x search in Projects: Websites
Search demo login or Live-CD 3 2
Search a book recommendation 2 1 1 x search in Press: Publications
Search online tutorials 3 2 x searching for a wiki, 1 x search in Community: Forum
Search some news extensions 3 I don't know what Repository Browser means, so I choose Overview
Search tt_news manual 2 1
Search consultancies 3 1 x search in Community
Search system requirements 1 1 2 x search in Documentation
Search software download 2 They wondered about the difference between Installers an Packages.
Search for installation help 2 The term Knowledge Base is misleading
Search conferences, trade fairs, user groups ... 2
Search documentation for developers 1 The term Knowledge Base is misleading
Search coding guidelines 1
Search a partner for coding 1
Report a bug 1
Search API 1
Search how to participate 1
Search how to sponsor / donate 1 They couldn't distinguish between Sponsorship and Donation

Optimizations 2007-06-20 (Bodo)

See and compare it with

  • Removed Search in Menu (not in menu)
  • Moved "Overview/Never used TYPO3?/What is.." to "Overview/What is.." (up 1 level)
  • renamed When Is ... ? to When/Where Is ... ?
  • removed content generated via TS in Overview and replaced by a text-dummy (Jens will style this into / as boxes)
  • renamed Open Source to License/Open Source
  • added Screenshots to Documentation

Canceled / restored

  • Moved Menu "Extensions" to "Downloads/Extensions"
  • Moved Menu "Community" to "Participate/Community"

raw results

The screen recordings can be requested by team members, please contact Gina


One thing i feel against usibility. The main page in left menu (in orange box) should be clickable. If you are on a subpage, everyone thinks that he can return to main page in the left menu and not only with the topmenu --Steffen Kamper 17:58, 20 June 2007 (CEST)

Question: Can you make it more clear? --Bodo Eichstaedt sure: , top of left menu "Overview" --Steffen Kamper Answer: OK, perhaps yes, even as it is the only orange box at that position.

Whats about the font-sizes ? If i look to the screenshot, we have 3 columns in content area with very small font. I don't know how it looks when font size is enlarged. Is it scalable ? Also general Question, whats about making the site mostly accessible ? As this become a main site of typo3 it would be very good reputation if the site is wellformed in any way. --Steffen Kamper 18:34, 20 June 2007 (CEST)

Answer: a) Page Home is just a graphical dummy (scaled down to fit!) and b) no one has put effords into font sizes (CSS) yet. Joey said: "1) Fonts/size/positions and everything is or will be fully scaleabble (em-based), 2) we use modern markup (so yes it is accessible)"

I know that, just a hint / question, Accessibility has some more issues than scalable fonts like menu markups etc., i wanted to know how you plan this. If you have to scale down the pic to fit you see the space is left for the texts. --Steffen Kamper 10:15, 21 June 2007 (CEST)

Noteby: this layout/CSS/... isn't by far fixed/final!!! --Bodo Eichstaedt 08:49, 21 June 2007 (CEST) sure - it's only discussion stuff. --Steffen Kamper 10:15, 21 June 2007 (CEST)