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This page belongs to the Calendar Optimization project (category Project)


There are many Calendar extensions in the TER but none of them has all the features mentioned on the whishlist. Now we want to get this project started.


Current Project Members

Here's a list of current developer of Calendar:

  • Mario Matzulla <mario dot melanie at arcor dot de>
  • Jeff Segars <jeff at webempoweredchurch dot org>
  • Steffen Kamper <steffen at dislabs dot de>


If you are interested in Calendar development, please post to the Newsgroup typo3.projects.calendar on news:// (see [1] for more info on TYPO3 Newsgroups).


The All-in-one Wishlist for THE CALENDAR

  • Should be integreted with the Project Manager, so that when you add an event to the calendar you also add a timesheet in the project manager and vice versaAdla
  • Organizers can be be_users, registered fe_users and anonymous frontend users

(I think that organizer should only be either fe_users(vote) og be_users not to complicate things more than nesecary) --Inshadow 08:01, 27 Jul 2004 (CEST)

  • There should be Target Groups based on fe_groups describing who (what group of people) the event is for. --Inshadow 08:01, 27 Jul 2004 (CEST)
  • It should be possible to either add static locations, or be able to add the place etc on a per-event base. By defining the fields as "exclude" fields, you can then choose which one you want your backend users to be able to edit, but we really need this, as people want to use both ways.
  • front-end-editing support
  • single events with edit single/edit all support (I don't get it. Please explain. Ingmar 22:13, 25 Jul 2004 (CEST))(Guess it is regulary returning events. Ex. edit this weeks event - but not all forthcoming events)
  • Template driven output: design-oriented based on GIFBUILDER-objects to create colored bars with different lenghts and/or accessibility-oriented based on CSS
  • Ability to use registering- and booking-forms to use the calendar as kind of an organizer
  • Year-, month-, week-, day-, item-view and any other parameter should be handled using the built in session system described in TSref as the "built in shopping Basket" instead of "&tx_whatever_pi1[blubb]=blah" in each URL (I disagree: This doesn't work well with static urls and caching! static urls are a must-have in year 2004!! I originally developped "calendar" using the session support, you *don't want this*, believe me :)) (I don't agree either, using piVars is the way to go. We can discuss that in the Newsgroup if someone is interested. Ingmar 22:13, 25 Jul 2004 (CEST))
  • Possibility to use the plugin as a standard content element as well as in standard Typoscript together with the three main concepts of building Typo3-pages: Go-Live-Tutorial, Modern-Template-Building and Templa Voila.
  • Ability to use flexforms without forcing the user to use them (I don't agree, using Flexforms should not be a problem for anyone, so why not force users to use them? Ingmar 22:13, 25 Jul 2004 (CEST))
  • stdWrap for all subparts and markers so that any kind of content can be added easily to a subpart or marker via TS (marker_name.cObject = COA)
  • Import-/Export-Functions from/to Standard Organizers and Calendar-Systems like Mozilla Calendar or Outlook
  • Downloading of selected events in the iCal format which allows importing them into your favorite desktop calendar application
  • The Calendar-System should also be able to get the looks from the ScoutNet-Calendar (month-view with a short popup-information about entries when the user is moving the mouse over a single day, etc.)
  • By clicking a day in the month view the user should be directly reach a eventlisting.
  • The DHTML calendar created by Mishoo should be used in the editing form (both, FE and BE).
  • Categories with n-level subcategories. This is useful for categorizing all kinds of hierarchical organizations (enterprises, parishes, associations). Karsten
  • Multiple categories in one event
  • Filter by place and type/subcategories. Karsten
  • Recurrent events (enter calendar information that occurs e.g. every Monday). Karsten
  • For recurrent events the option to enter an exception that is highlighted. E.g. every Sunday the soccer club meets but not on a specific one - then something like "Today no soccer training!" should be displayed. Karsten
  • Public holiday lists. Karsten
  • All-day calendar entries (like birthdays or individual festival days etc.). Karsten
  • All-day calendar entries spread over multiple days, e.g. for private holidays, festivals, trade fairs, conventions, conferances etc. Karsten
  • At least the functionality of WebCalendar. Or maybe a wrapper? Karsten
  • Update per mail when an entry changes. Karsten
  • E-mailsubscription to new events based on categories
  • Something like "myCalendar" - user can select specific views and store them as a kind of favorites. Karsten
  • API funtion for integration of ical, VCS files recieved in mails. Should 1. analyze ical/vcal and return title, dates, times. a.s.o as an array - 2. have a function for importing the ical/vcal into the calendar directly.
  • A truly robust calendar API should be able to deal with recurring events such as Easter, Ramadan, Chusok, Chinese New Year, lunar/solar eclipses (maybe even solstices and equinoxes) that are based on times other than simple 'day of year/month/week' (Most of the above are based on lunar calendar). Having said this, I have almost no idea how to approach it (seems that this would require static astronomical data tables to accompany an extension...) Christopher (Or some math to do the magic - should be readily avalible scripts for it)
  • The API (and extension configuration options) should also include time-zone settings (at least as long as the Typo3 core is unable to do this). I would like to see time zone settings be robust enough to attempt to use putenv() but fall back on an internal offset if putenv() fails [as it seems to do sometimes...] Again, this might require static info tables for time zones. Christopher
  • Further to time zones, the API should be fully capable of dealing with daylight savings time. Christopher
  • Recurring events that occur monthly on a certain weekday, e.g. every first and second friday each month
  • the ability to merge external events, either per XML or by user-function (calculated events)
  • A supcription function for an event (with and without payment). It should be possible that named fe_users can subscribe to an event. The calendar musst show who has subscribed yet to an event (maybe with a [more] or [detail] link).
  • A ToDO List, where a list of Things to do could be inserted. An presented like 'Tommorow's Event'
  • [Please add your wishes here...]

Calendar Base - cal (beta) - this is the extension of this project


details/ tested version contact manual last update of this info
-- Mario Matzulla, Jeff Segars yes! see details April 2011


  • last update April 2011
  • has manual!
  • regularly updates of the extension
  • good extension-code-architecure
  • works stable and has good performance
  • does have Frontend Editing (public or for FE-users)


see realized features in cal from calendar wishlist

Comparison of the different calendars

Calendar - tt_calender (beta)

tt_calender tx_oodocs_7150b5e274.png


  • old style concept of adding extensions
  • not very user friendly
  • events can have a starttime, but it's messy (need to be the first word in the description)
  • some fields nobody knows what they are for (week and others)


Advanced Calendar - advCalendar (beta)

advCalendar tx_oodocs_3fb5c96043.png


  • some "extension" exts out there already, like "upcoming events".


  • extends "tt_calendar", so it includes all the messy fields that extension already offers (like week) in the backend, but does not handle them in the frontend
  • some bugs in the display
  • author is "out of time" to maintain the extension
  • listed as TYPO6 incompatible

Advanced Calendar Extended - mc_advcalendar_extended (beta)

mc_advcalendar_extended tx_oodocs_9d186a0e72.gif

This just adds "upcoming events" to advCalendar, so it's not a real own calendar extension, but more something that really should be in the advCalendar codebase already.


ScoutNet Calendar - sp_scoutnetcalendar (stable)

sp_scoutnetcalendar tx_oodocs_f8c544c9c7.png




  • Ability to gather calendar event data from external sources via XML beside creating calendar events directly in the Typo3 backend
  • Compact display of a month with the corresponding events by using overlib popups



  • using the ScoutNet-Calendar with the "normal" Event- and Calendar-Elements of typo3.
  • Clicking a day should take the user to a separate listing of the events for this day (in localmode!)

Portsmouth Diocese Web Calendar pd_calendar (Alpha)



Pd cal1.gif
Pd cal2.gif

Key feature is backend import and front end export of iCal and vCal data. The user can click on the shown link and be able to open/save a calendar event in an iCal/vCal compatible program (for example Mozilla Sunbird or Outlook)

Pd cal3.gif

Currently under major rewrite to make completely DHTML and CSS reliant. This version is now completely depreciated and replaced by pd_calendar2

VCD Calendar - vcd_calendar (beta)



  • Event list view
  • Event details view
  • Form for event submission of guests


  • Looks good, I would have probably used vcd_calendar instead if it had been available when I started development of "calendar" ;-)
  • Front-End-Editing support



1.) email not obligatory. Guest don't have it or are not willing to put any as they don't know that I can take it away.

2.) if the number of entries is restricted, there should be browsing option, previous, next and back to list.

3.) Separate date and time formats for list and single detailed entry.

4.) those development issues Elmar has in the documentation, monthly, and weekly lists also maybe by category (inc. time), (are these already in views?) Yes, they are, but maybe the normal list should be possible to restrict only for certain year and then browse years ?

5.) The greeting page; thank you for your submission - might also be a page, maybe hidden from menues, where I could write more text/info and tell that administrator checks the entry first and then the entry will be published. Also into that page some buttons, to go back or further other location in site, could be placed. This was implemented in puzzle and it works there like angel.

6.) when guests entries go to some other folder/hidden page, it would be nice if admistrator could see those entries in front end, edit them and then release them for public. Gee, I really push now.

7.) When guest send a new event, it would be nice to have on the form, a) cancel button to get back to list if the user/visitor hesitates b) a text area for quidelines what and how to write the event information.

8.) When guest has added succesfully a new event, could extension send an email to administrator, so that ge/she could go and release the event ? (maybe a list just if site has several admins.) Either the info of the event or just a plain text: There is a new VCD event at 'sitename + pageID'.

9.) Then two dates; from which date event will be shown on the page and from which date event will not be shown anymore. Use will be quite obvious.

10.) In views sunset/rise, moonset/rise, selectable twilight end/start (civil/nautical/astronomical), true midday/midnight. Parameters: location coordinates, best would be if it could be user input !

11.) Show / hide specific categories; showing/hiding events of certain categories according to their category id. The variable is to be set when inserting the plugin (something like either "HIDE 10,11,14" or "SHOW 10,15"). The advantage of defining the variable when inserting the plugin is to be able to have more than one calender list on a page with different definitions what to show.

jw_calendar (beta)


event-list starting at current day (colored cats)
graphical view of events

This calendar is based on vcd_calendar, vcd_library and vcd_calendar_views.

Everything is put together into one extension for a more simple installation.


  • really easy setup via FlexForms
  • security concept (author took care that no POST-variable-manipulation is possible)
  • Create or edit events in FrontEnd (in month-view).
  • Preview for FrontEnd-entries.
  • SelectBox for event-category (select access by front-end-group for each category)
  • SelectBox to switch the view (by month, by day, by simple list, single event)
  • Info by email when there's a new entry.
  • Recurring events (how much, ending day, at which day or days in the week)
  • Shows exceptions of recurring events or hide event when exception
  • Typo3-caching (it's important to have plugin and data at the SAME page)
  • Template-driven Frontend
  • An event can span multiple days.
  • ready-to-use
  • not listed as TYPO3 6 incompatible


  • No SelectBox for location, target-group ("just" for the category).
  • A front-end-user cannot be in more than one FE-group.
  • Events that were created by a BackEnd-user cannot are not editable in the FrontEnd (because the field fe-user==0).
  • Just one email-address for email-notifications.
  • FrontEnd-Edit should have the same SelectBoxes as in the BackEnd


  • is there an english version of the documentation?
  • how can the overlays (for example the weekly view with notes) be integrated? (Reinhard Möller)

Note : This calendar was selected over the extended calendar due to frontend editing. It is an excellent calendar, and I would definately make this the top choice. / Raymond Hayes

I like this one, too. Because people can make entries like in real-life. Just got to the right month in month-view, klick at the day and type in your event. The script needs some little improvements. --DanielBrüßler

Extended Calendar - calendar (stable)


details/ tested version contact manual last update of this info
version 1.1.3 - tested with TYPO3 3.7.2
an update is needed
Alexander Langer with team/ newsgroup yes! see details Daniel Brüßler 11 January 2007


  • completely based on TypoScript Content Objects, combined with a few good USER functions.
  • 100% cacheable/static URLs
  • ready for XHTML
  • Very flexible/customizeable
  • runs out of the box, with nice month/week/day/upcoming events views included.
  • Add new views by adding the right h0h0magic to the template.html and add TS code - no patching of the extension required (see how the "Upcoming months" view is done for an example)
  • Events can last multiple days
  • Events can last a full day, but also start/stop at a given time, also on different days of course
  • Support for recurring events, including exceptions.
  • written with a bit of compatibilty with "advCalendar" in mind, which is the by far mostly used extension out there. I was going to write an import-script for importing the old events into "calendar".
  • not listed as TYPO3 6 incompatible


  • I just deleted all of the old Cons that are fixed in version 1.0.0, so maybe this ext. has no more cons? ;-)
  • can be slow through extensive use of TS (- but enables high template flexibility)
  • Create or edit events in FrontEnd. But there is another extention "fe editable events for Extended Calendar" which adds this feature.
  • None/Poor documentation
  • Many of the views need alternative layouts to work in many designs.
  • Doesn't work with Typo3.8.0 and has problems with static_info_tables
  • Can't change which day (Sun/Mon) to start week with

VCE (Versatile Calendar Extension) - sk_calendar (alpha)


Month view of VCE

project page:'s project calendar-extension


  • Well planned (UML Model in CVS)
  • Well integrated Backend
  • Recurring events with edit single/edit all mode
  • Handles exceptions of recurring events
  • Grid-Edit to easily edit even lot of events
  • Runs out of the box
  • Template-driven Frontend
  • Creation of personalized (i.e. categorized) year planner as downloadable PDF (created on the fly)
  • All calendar views (month, week, list, year) may be filtered by category, location, organizer and target group (using simple dropdown boxes)
  • I like the idea of "target groups", that should be added to THE CALENDAR as well


  • slow development: I saw the PDF already in May, but their timeschedule was like late summer (Comment: If sk_calendar is going to be the base for THE CALENDAR, an active development team is taking over the job anyway, so slow development in the past is not a problem in my eyes. Ingmar 23:57, 25 Jul 2004 (CEST))
  • it's not intuitive how you add events spanning multiple days (you do it by repeating it every day)
  • the planning it not so well done as it looks like: Imagine an events lasting two days and occurs every 4 days - as you have to define "multiple day events" buy using the "recurring" mode, you'll never be able to do this. Neither can you let the event start at like 22 july, 13:00 and end it on 24 July 8:00
  • No configuration via TS; everything is done via Template or directly in the source
  • The CSS is hardcoded in the templates
  • The template itself has to follow a strict order. Which means, it heavily uses general-purpose ###WRAPIT### markers, which contain the result of the previous blocks.
  • The five different record-types (VCE Event, VCE targetgroup, VCE Organizer, VCE Category, VCE Location) have to be in the same SysFolder, so a fine-grained access control is not possible (e.g. the idea 'editors may change events, but cannot change/delete/add categories' does not work)
  • Image marker replacement is very unflexible (<img src="fileadmin/images/images/###E_image###" alt="" />)
  • Only one image per event is possible
  • Handling of recurring events is not good. Say, you want to create an event that reoccurs every day during a whole month. sk_calendar then creates 30 single event records out of these recurring event (which have the exact same title, so there is absolutely no way to figure out which day each of these records represents - you'll have to open the records manually to find out), which looks very messy in the backend. Moreover, you can't just delete one of these 'repeated event' records, you can just hide it. You can only delete the whole event series or nothing at all.
  • Handling of exceptions to repeated events is very un-intuitive. You'll have to create an event series, save&close it and then open the corresponding day record you want to change.
  • Exceptions for recurring events are shown in an own table. However, you cannot modify nor delete these exceptions. I *think* you'll have to edit the corresponding day of the event series. But this is nearly-to-impossible, as in the backend (as mentioned above), all day records of an recurring event have the same title (say, 30 instances with the title 'Team Conference').
  • Multiple-Day-Events are difficult to create and to maintain (you have to repeat these events every day)
  • E-Mail addresses are not spam-protected
  • 'Monday' is always the first day of the week, cannot be changed
  • No Caching, thus no indexing by indexed search
  • Manual is in german only at this time.
  • listed as TYPO3 6 incompatible
  • Seems to be more like a "proof-of-concept" extension that is only designed yet: It's not yet finnished and has no existing userbase. Many features on the paper, but only few really seem to be implemented. Thus you don't know if it'll be more efficient/faster than other calendars, once it's flexible as well. Maybe it's totally slow, by design?

News Events - mbl_newsevent (beta)




  • Builds on tt_news instead of other calendar approaches
  • Provides easily customizable listing layout, with all of the options of tt_news and more (e.g. categories, latest additions, etc)
  • Easily integrates news item about an event with the event information
  • not listed as TYPO3 6 incompatible


  • Does not include weekly/monthly/annual "calendar" style layouts

GLZ Calendar - glz_calendar (beta)


details/ tested version contact manual last update of this info
version 1.0.0 David Nyffenegger yes! see details Daniel Brüßler 16 November 2006



  • ..

Yet Another Calendar - ke_yac


Simple Calendar - simplecalendar


Developer TODO list

  • Defining project goals
  • Roadmap
    • Create a common calendar-API
    • Select development base
    • Implement missing functions

Donors and supporters

As usual this project will become reallity faster if finaciall aid (and human resources are added to the project).

If you or your organisation wants to support a specific function or the whole project, contact....