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Code Sprint 47

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The Code Sprint Frankfurt 2011 is a loose coding session of everybody interested in TYPO3 4.x coding, happening from Nov 17 till Nov 20 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Date and Times

Thursday, 17th November, 2011 (start 10:00) - Sunday, 20th November (end 16:00)

Map and Location

dkd kindly offered us their rooms for the session.

dkd Internet Service GmbH Kaiserstrasse 73, 60329 Frankfurt Germany,+Kaiserstra%C3%9Fe,+Frankfurt+am+Main&hl=de&ie=UTF8&sll=48.772236,9.168334&sspn=0.004349,0.011362&vpsrc=0&hq=DKD+Internet+Service+GmbH,&hnear=Kaiserstra%C3%9Fe,+Frankfurt+am+Main&t=m&z=16

The offices of DKD are 2 minutes away from the main station in Frankfurt by foot.

Goals and Target Audience


  • Hands-on coding for the next version TYPO3 4.7
  • Implementing new features und functionality
  • Review session of existing features (like FAL) to be integrated in the Core

Target Audience

  • TYPO3 developers (core devs and community members)
  • those who want to be actively involved in TYPO3 development really soon


Please suggest topics here - not only if you have any concrete stuff to do, but also if you just have an idea and want to discuss it with some nerds ;-)

  • Logging: how to improve it, make it more flexible/configurable -- and improve testability (Andreas, Steffen M. (Friday from home via skype), Steffen G.)
  • Deployment: Enhance support of automatic deployment (Steffen M.)
  • New graphics library (pluggable handlers) (Jigal)
  • New list module (adaptive to number of tables; faster, partial loading)
  • New Install Tool (already started)
  • table&TCA generator (new record types)
  • Object orientation for tiny things in TYPO3v4 (short discussion - SteffenG) - IP-Address object, String/Array object, etc.?


Please RSVP!

  1. Benjamin Mack (full time)
  2. Oliver Hader (Fri-Sun)
  3. Andreas Wolf (Thu/Fri) I caught a flu, so it's rather unlikely that I'll come. I'll try to be online on Skype however.
  4. Steffen Gebert (Fri-Sun)
  5. Ingmar Schlecht (full time)
  6. Ivan Kartolo (full time)
  7. Jens Hoffmann (part time, if I'm needed)
  8. Ingo Renner (full time)