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Code Sprint Berlin 2011

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This page belongs to the Core Team (category Core Team)

The Code Sprint Berlin 2011 is a core developer event happening in the week from 28 February 2011 to 4 March 2011 in Berlin.


The hashtag for the event is #t3csb11

Goals and Target Audience


  • Continuing to shape the transition process started in 2008 and exchange ideas between the two development teams
  • Kickstart the development of TYPO3 4.6
  • Outline next steps for Phoenix development


  • Create Extbase extensions for v4 and v5 for state-of-the-art implementations of crucial frontend features
  • Specify a concept for Single-Sign On - now and after t3org relaunch. (Current Use-Cases should still work / New Use Case: conference website Login In and Userdata fetch)
  • Evaluate which features are missing in v5 that already exist in v4
  • Benni has added some usability improvements for the Install Tool in 4.5 beta3. Spent some time with the V4 and V5 team and that. (We definitely need Patrick Broens (I'm there ;-)--Patrick 15:54, 28 January 2011 (CET) and Lars Zimmermann there)

More suggestions:

  • Discussing about using git and gerrit in v4. Lessons learned from v5 and personal experiences. Maybe working with our migrated repository already(Yes!)
    • Create Screencst on "how to use git/gerrit for v4" for those unlucky homers
  • Finish concept for t3lib_TCA classes (from TCEforms refactoring project) -- Andreas Wolf
  • Work on TCEforms refactoring (Rendering, data structures, "the missing 15-20 %") -- Andreas Wolf
  • Extbase
    • Version scheme (discuss intermediate version 1.4.0, that is not bound to a TYPO3 version and only available via Git/TER) -- Bastian
    • RealUrl & Extbase - How to get rid of superfluous URL parameters like controller & action
    • "Compatibility Flag" (prototype upgrade wizard integration) -- Bastian
    • Discuss/kickstart Extbase based Install Tool -- Benni & Oli
    • How to improve collaboration?
  • TYPO3v5
    • Discuss/kickstart mixins/behaviors (we need access restricted nodes) -- Robert
    • Improve Plugin support
  • SCOTTY - semantic web
    • discuss current status of the group
    • planification and goal for v4, v5
  • ... Add your suggestions here ...

It will be a workshop of a whole week. The meeting will start off with a presentation of the latest developments in both FLOW3/Phoenix and TYPO3 v4 to get everyone on a common ground. The second day, a number of brainstorming sessions will take place. Depending on interest and useful constellation either they will be done in the full group or we will split up into smaller groups. The subsequent days will consist of a mixture of brainstorming and coding sessions, mainly working on the new ideas that came up during the meeting.

Target Audience

  • TYPO3 v4 and v5 core developers
  • TYPO3 v4 and v5 active developers (non-core team members as well)
  • TYPO3 Security Team Members
  • those who want to be actively involved in TYPO3 v4 or v5 development really soon

The Event is invitation-only. However, if you think you belong to one of these target groups above and did not receive an email, please write an email to or You are very welcome!

Date and Times

Monday, 28. February (start 13:00) - Friday, 4. March (end 16:00 i.e. 4pm)

Schedule for Monday: 12:00 arrival / meet and greet, possibly going for lunch together. 13:00: Start of the meeting.

Map and Location

The location is: TU Berlin (Technical University), Elektrotechnik-Neubau (Short: "E-N"), Stairway/Treppe D.
Einsteinufer 17, 10587 Berlin

Our rooms:

  • Lecture hall MA 005 with 235 seats
  • E-N 191, 24 seats
  • E-N 193, 30 seats
  • E-N 189, ? seats
  • E-N 180, 12-20 seats

...the lecture hall is on ground floor, all others are on the first floor.

Show google map | TU Berlin campus plan (watch out for the building called "E-N")


We have reserved for 35 people from 12:00 to 12:30 each day in the Cafeteria of the Volkswagen Library (see google map). (Will be sponsored by Marketing Factory / Ingo Schmitt).

There is also a rather basic and cheap Cafeteria directly in the "EN" building where the code sprint is located. That's where we can get coffee and small snacks from during shorter breaks.

How to get there

If you arrive by plane at Tegel Airport (TXL), the best way for you is to take the bus line X9.

  • To get to the TU Berlin / location of the Code Sprint: Depart at Ernst-Reuter-Platz
  • To get to the AO-hostel: Depart at Berlin Zoologischer Garten

Make sure to look up the right connection for your arrival time at the Deutsche Bahn.

Travel time from the airport is about 20 minutes, from Berlin Main Station about 15 minutes.

You'll have to buy a "Berlin Einzelfahrschein" (Single Ticket) which costs € 2,30. They are available at the ticket machines or at ticket offices (in bigger stations). You'll have to validate your ticket before entering the train by using one of the stamp machines. Your ticket will be valid for 120 minutes from validation.

You also could go for a "Tageskarte" (one-day-ticket, valid untill 3 a.m. of the following day, NOT 24 hrs!) at 6,30 or Berlin CityTourCard (valid for five days) at 28,90.

If you wanna move with a larger group, you should go for a "Kleingruppen-Tageskarte" which is valid for five people untill 3 a.m. at 15,00.

Area "AB" should nearly allways be, where you wanna go. ;)


Find the current agenda of the event. The dates might change again before the event has started.


Install Tool (Patrick)

The 1-2-3-installer shall be extraced from the Install Tool and the whole thingy needs some refactoring and clean-up.

  • Benni
  • Patrick
  • Olly

Next generation TCA for TYPO3 Phoenix (Robert)

Defined a class schema to get this done. Everything should be possible to render and it shall be groupable (maybe also with custom widgets).

  • Robert
  • Karsten
  • Andi
  • Aske
  • Christian

Semantic Web (current state, roadmap) (Robert)

Discussed about advantages that semantics bring into your project and what that could mean feature-wise.

  • Jens
  • Jochen
  • Thomas
  • Fabien
  • Joey

Extbase (Bastian)

Tackled RealURL and Extbase issues. Talked about the Extbase-Kickstarter that shall be released in the next few version. Talked about a stand-alone version of Extbase so it can be used e.g. in the Install Tool.

  • Bastian
  • Rens
  • Dmitry
  • Felix
  • Tobi
  • Xavier

FAL (Andreas Wolf)

Discussion about the structure and collaborate with the v5 team to share knowledge on the Resources package.

  • Sebastian
  • Andreas
  • Stefan


  • Peter Niederlag
  • Michael Stucki
  • Steffen Gebert
  • Susanne Moog

Grid View Fixes and Improvements

Fixes should go into 4.5, features have to wait until 4.6

  • Joey
  • Peter Niederlag

Current status

Internet Access

Yes, we do have internet access on the location. Please bring your own LAN cables. We'll try to get a WLAN working, but finding spare frequencies might be difficult, so better be prepared for cable based LAN. We will have enough switches though.



  1. Andreas Förthner (All week)
  2. Andreas Wolf (All week, 99% sure)
  3. Aske Ertmann (All week)
  4. Bastian Waidelich (All week)
  5. Ben van 't Ende (Monday-Tuesday - The rest is CeBIT.)
  6. Benjamin Mack (All week - Mon 12.00 till Fri 21.00)
  7. Berit Jensen (All week)
  8. Christian Jul Jensen (All week)
  9. Christian Müller (Mon - Thu)
  10. Dmitry Dulepov (All week)
  11. Ernesto Baschny (Monday - Tuesday)
  12. Fabien Udriot (All week)
  13. Felix Oertel (All week)
  14. Georg Ringer(all week)
  15. Helmut Hummel (All week)
  16. Ingmar Schlecht (All week)
  17. Jens Hoffmann (All week)
  18. Jigal van Hemert (All week)
  19. Jo Hasenau (All week)
  20. Jochen Rau (All week)
  21. Karsten Dambekalns (All week)
  22. Lars Zimmermann (Wednesday - Friday)
  23. Marcus Krause (All week)
  24. Michael Stucki (All week)
  25. Oliver Hader (All week)
  26. Oliver Klee (all week)
  27. Patrick Broens(All week - Arriving Monday at appr. 13:20 at Berlin Hbf)
  28. Peter Niederlag (Monday-Wednesday)
  29. Rens Admiraal (All week)
  30. Robert Lemke (All week)
  31. Sebastian Fischer (All week)
  32. Sonja Scholz (Arrive early Wednesday)
  33. Stefan Galinski (All week)
  34. Steffen Gebert (All week)
  35. Steffen Ritter (will arrive late 28th - writes exam in the morning)
  36. Susanne Moog (All week)
  37. Thomas Maroschik (All week)
  38. Tobias Liebig (All week)
  39. Tolleiv Nietsch (All week)
  40. Xavier Perseguers (All week)
  41. Ingo Renner (Mon, Tue, Wed)

Don't know yet

  1. Steffen Kamper (but very likely)
  2. Daniel Pötzinger (but very likely)


  • François Suter
  • Christian Kuhn
  • Sebastian Kurfürst (on holidays the whole time)
  • Jochen Weiland
  • Peter Beernink
  • Jeff Segars
  • Thomas Hempel (Unfortunately no time)
  • Thorsten Kahler
  • Nils Dehl
  • Stanislas Rolland

Still to be asked

  • active v4 developers
  • active v5 developers


  • Sonja (arrives on Wednesday) would like to join "Development of State-of-the-Art Extbase extensions" part (to be remembered when teams are formed)


We have

for the lunch and

  • Jochen Weiland from sponsoring 500 euros,
  • Chris Moeller from Network Publishing sponsoring 250 euros and
  • Volker Graubaum from e-netconsulting KG sponsoring 150 euros
  • Christian Müller sponsors 75 euro's from his personal self
  • Oliver Klee also sponsors 75 euro's personally

for a professional espresso catering. Oliver from Brew Me Up in Berlin likes us geeks and gives us a special prize.

Thanks to all the sponsors. The barista and lunch is covered!