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Code Sprint Berlin 2011/Lunch Order

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Menu for Tuesday

Place your order by entering your name into a numbered list under your menu item!

Moved to Ietherpad!!! Placer your order there please.


Drinks for Thursday:

(leave as is if you want the same as on Wednesday, since it's copied from there)

Apfelschorle (apple juice + water mix) 0.2 Bastian, Georg, Fabien. Oli Klee, Marcus. Andi, Jens

Wasser (water) 0.5 Jochen, Aske, Dmitry, Benni, Rens, Robert, Karsten

Coke 0.3 Patrick, Steffen R., Susanne, Stucki, Stefan, Olly, foertel, Lars, Stucki

Bionade Ingwer Ingmar, Xavier

Vitamalz Tolleiv

Bionade Lidschi Sonja

Bionade Holunder Berit, Christian, Tobias, Sebastian, Helmut, Andreas

Coke Light Jigal

Fanta SteffenG

Tee Tom

Menu for Thursday (ready to order!)

Nr. (1) Kürbis-linsen-suppe mit Spinat + Brot No (1) Pumpkin-lentil soup with spinach bread +

Nr. (1a) (1) mit Fischfilet No (1a) (1) fish fillets

Nr. (2) Penne mit weißen Bohnen, Speck und Parmesan No. (2) penne with white beans, bacon and Parmesan

Nr. (3a) Penne al mediterranea No (3) Penne al mediterranea

Benni Olly foertel Oli Klee Helmut Sonja

Nr. (3b) Penne mit salbeibutter No (3b), penne with sage butter

Berit Robert Andreas Rens Susanne Karsten Stucki Christian

Nr. (4) Ofenkartoffel mit Avocado-limetten-dip, shrimps und gemischtem salat No (4) baked potato with avocado and lime dip, shrimp and mixed salad

Ingmar Xavier STeffen R Sebastian Jens SteffenG Stefan

Nr. (5) Putenröllchen mit Salbei+Schinken gefüllt, fenchel-möhrengem. polenta und gem. salat No (5) turkey stuffed with sage + ham stuffed fennel, carrot and mixed vegetable polenta. salad

Jochen Aske Georg Dmitry Tom Tobias Jigal Tolleiv Bastian Marcus