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Code Sprint Extbase Stuttgart 2012

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The third Extbase Codesprint 2012 is a community driven TYPO3 event for developers. The goal is to hack Extbase and Extbase-based TYPO3 core extensions to push the TYPO3 project towards 6.0. It's organized by the Extbase Team.

How to participate?

You could either participate in person or by remote.

  1. Add yourself to the list of participants. Add the days you plan to come and if you plan to help by remote.
  2. Please choose a topic from the list to work on. We will build up teams on friday, so if you have another topic, please get in touch upfront.
  3. Drop us a note so that we can plan rooms, drinks, Breakfast and Dinner.
  4. Felix booked accomodation nearby for all of us, so please don't book hotels yourself, but get in touch with him!
  5. Ask your company for sponsoring travel costs and/or working time or drop Felix a note, so he will get in touch with your boss. ;-)


The hashtag for the event is #ecs12s

Date and Times

Friday, July 20 (start ~9:00 a.m.) - Sunday, July 22 (site will be closed ~5:00 p.m.)

Most likely there will be a barbeque on Friday and Saturday evening.

Map and Location

On Friday we will start at 9:00 a.m. at Lightwerk Stuttgart:

Schulze-Delitzsch-Str. 38
70565 Stuttgart

We've got rooms for all of the participants in the nice B&B Hotel pretty close to the site. Just check-in with "TYPO3" and / or "Lightwerk" and hope for the best. ;-) There is no breakfast included (!) because there will be breakfast on-site.

B&B Hotel Stuttgart-Vaihingen
Schockenriedstraße 33
70565 Stuttgart

Code Sprint Topics/Goals

so far we have...

  • Optimize Extbase Bootstrap
  • deliver models for core tables
  • recursive (object) validation
  • file handling / file upload (fal!)
  • widget context (request/controller)
  • polish Extbase for 6.0
  • complete unit tests (yeah, like in every codesprint ;-) )
  • Track susis "wtf does the inject thing not work in BE modules" issue


  1. Christian Kuhn (arrives Friday)
  2. Helmut Hummel (Friday - Sunday)
  3. Felix Oertel (arrives Friday)
  4. Markus Günther (arrives Friday)
  5. Anja Leichsenring (arrives Friday)
  6. Daniel Lorenz (Friday - Sunday)
  7. Ingo Pfennigstorf (Friday - Saturday)
  8. Tymek Motylewski (arrives Thursday)
  9. Timo Schmidt (Saturday - Sunday)
  10. Oliver Hader (Thursday - Saturday/Sunday)
  11. Please add your name and the days you plan to participate


Accommodation will be organized and payed for by the Extbase team, so please don't book on your own, but get in touch with Felix (felix dot oertel at typo3 dot org).


  • We have a room to work in for approx. 12 participants at the Lightwerk office. They also offered to sponsor drinks and even dinners (pizza / barbecue).
  • Leichsenring, Anja (ab-softlab) sponsors our coffee needs ... again!
  • Accommodation and Travelcosts are covered through the Extbase Codesprint Budget.

Please consider sponsoring Snacks (Chips, Sweets), Lunch or travelcosts / paid time of your employees.


If you like to participate or offer some sponsoring, just get in contact with: Felix Oertel (felix dot oertel at typo3 dot org).



We collected and prioritized several topics that we want to achieve during the sprint and which are important for TYPO3 6.0 as well.


  • (put solved/pending issues here)