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Code Sprint FAL

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Date and Location

29.01.2015 1100 hrs - 01.02.2015 - 1400 hrs UPH Unperfekthaus, Essen, Germany

Regarding the Rooms in the WG Hotel: All rooms are equipped with separated beds, so you don't have to share your bed with someone;-)


Bugfix Sprint for FAL (out-of-plan sprint) - The Goal is to solve as many bugs as possible


Attendee Coding Review Testing Photo/Press Documentation Phone T-Shirt Need Hotel Want to share room with Arrive at (date/time) Additional Info text
Andrea Herzog-Kienast - - x x x +49173 3861560 m girls x Jana Kienast 29.1 -
Roman Schürmann x x x x +49172 9762407 S Example 29.01 Example
Jana Kienast - - x x x +49 1768 4723502 woman: xl man: m x Andrea Herzog-Kienast 29.01 -
Altan Tosun - - x x - L x Jan, 29th -
Thomas Deuling x x x - x +49 170 3125236 s x Natalie Klinke 29.01 -
Holger Krämer x x x - x +49 179 3975597 L 29.01. -
Philipp Gampe x x x - x - XL x 29.01. -
Mathias Schreiber x x +491759586731 2XL Jan, 29th -
Martin Bless x +4915774715131 no I don't attend physically but I'm available for remote support
Alina Fleser x x x +40741789505 XS yes Jan, 29th
Armin Vieweg x x x +4915161424249 4XL no Jan, 29th I'll rest at a friend's home. Don't need a room. Just a parking spot at the location ;-)
Ingo Schmitt x x x +491772682035 L yes Wendsday evening If no room in UpH, I would stay at home an commute
Frans Saris x x x +31619230215 L yes prefer single room 29 jan will travel by car from Venlo
Egerer Sascha x x x M x Jan, 29.
Florian Scheffer x x x +491785497531 29.01
Michael Blunck x x x x 2XL no 29.01
Philipp Thiele x x x +4917621989506 XL no 29.01 carpooling with Florian & Michael (and maybe Armin)
Michael Oehlhof x x x x +491636971161 XL 29.01.
Sebastian Fischer x x x +491714909495 XL 31.01. maybe from 29.01. if employer agrees
Peter Linzenkirchner x x x +49821150565 2XL yes prefer single room 29.01
Fabien Udriot x x x +41787707065 L yes single room 29.01
Ruud Silvrants x x x +31611187132 L yes prefer single room 29.01 will travel by car from Venlo
Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example Example



60215: FAL Indexing - sys_file_processedfile with empty identifier and name fields [Under Review; assigned to Benni Mack]

61704: Core - Filemounts do not show up for Admin users [Closed]

58519: Core - The SysAction\ActionTask::saveNewBackendUser is not adapted to FAL compatibles userHomePath [New]

Extbase Related

57272: Core - Extbase doesn't handle FAL translations correctly [Under Review]

Image size related

45922: Core - image replacement, width and height are kept even i change my image [Needs Feedback]

46446: Core - sys_file doesn't get updated [Closed]

50392: Core - Specifying size in ImageViewHelper does nothing [Closed]

54533: Core - imgResource.noScale doesn't scale image tag [Rejected]

58019: Core - FAL Indexer for broken files: Column 'width' cannot be null [Rejected]

59216: Core - Image dimensions (width/height) are 0 when not scaled [Closed]

61181: Core - FAL: file maxW and maxH are ignored [Rejected]

62400: Core - Lot of entries in sys_file_processed with name=NULL and identifier empty [Rejected; assigned to Andreas Wolf]

Record Overlay related

59192: Core - mergeIfNotBlank with FAL records [Accepted]

59972: Core - Invalid mergeIfNotBlank usage in sys_file_reference TCA [Resolved]

Missing / incomplete functionality

58724: Core - Implement proper backend file search [Closed]

59003: Core - Enable Longdescurl in TYPO3 6.2 [Needs Feedback]

60019: Core - Create utility function to get the file mimetype depending on available php modules [Resolved]

63603: Core - Unexpected behaviour with file upload [Resolved; assigned to Mathias Schreiber]


60441: Core - File Metadata : missing CSH [New]


60907: Core - Mass edit for file list [New]

62766: Core - Metadata editable globally within content elements [Closed]

56133: Core - Replace file feature for fal file list [Resolved]

non FAL related

59947: Core - getSystemLanguages() method in TranslationConfigurationProvider does not respect enable fields [Resolved]

already closed

60203: Core - Encoding image metadata [Closed]

44105: Core - Image size does not get updated [Closed]

46020: Core - Image size is 0 when not scaled [Closed; assigned to Alexander Opitz]

52658: Core - Overriding image does not change the dimensions [Rejected]

62247: Core - FAL: Uppercase File Extensions of Image cannot be displayed [Rejected; assigned to Benni Mack]

participants given bugs for Code Sprint

Please edit this and add your issues here. If this bugs are still reported, please link to the issue on forge.

Community given bugs for Code Sprint

58393: Core - FAL / casesensitive [Closed]

57272: Core - Extbase doesn't handle FAL translations correctly [Under Review]

62127: Core - FAL image in translation of Record not working [Rejected] (related to #57272)

to be checked by Ingo

Issue for replacing Images


Wir müssen regelmäßig manuell in der Datenbank und auf dem Filesystem Daten löschen oder korrigieren, damit Bilder korrekt angezeigt werden.

Hi Alena, Thanks for the links. I really would not like to play around in the core. J

I played a little bit and found some funny solutions / behavior. News on the right are now in English. What I did: German is default, sys_language_mode = strict

de_at and de_ch have a fallback to german de_de or one of the other german languages: sys_language_mode=content_fallback; 0,2

Images ar shown in FE.

BUT NOW comes fancy stuff: Englisch has a fallback to some languages, which still not installed for news. But existing in BE like Dutch and Romanian. Now all translated Pictures are used with the right metadata. But – The content with the pumpkin pic is not translated. But it is shown! In German but with the translated pic – in german there is an ! in the metadata, which is not used in English.

Very strange J

Best, Andrea

Von: Alina Fleser [1] Gesendet: Dienstag, 4. November 2014 10:40 An: Herzog, Andrea Betreff: Re: news media files

Hi Andrea,

It seams to be a bug with FAL, and not directly related to news: There is also a patch under review: Take a look also to this :, there is a workaround proposed, but this can help only for image metadata translation, not for actually changing the image.

And yes, if I can help, I will do it with pleasure.

Greetings, Alina

On Mon, Nov 3, 2014 at 7:38 PM, Herzog, Andrea <> wrote: Hi Alena, cool. Check it out. If you would like to have an account to the rookies page, where I found the problem, please let me know. Images are shown in Details but not in list view. Only in the default language. It should be possible to get a dev page for our project if it’s needed. See some other problems – see separate mail.

Greetings, Andrea

Von: Alina Fleser [2] Gesendet: Montag, 3. November 2014 17:44 An: Herzog, Andrea Betreff: Re: news media files

Hello Andrea,

What I could reproduce on 2 different instances (2 different projects), TYPO3 6.2, news 3.0.1. is that the images added to a news translation are not displayed nor in list view, neither in detail view (however those are dummy installations, I don't have real projects on TYPO3 6.2 and news, with translations - so I don't have a clue about why the problem occurs).

I can check more tomorrow, maybe I see something.

Greetings, Alina

On Mon, Nov 3, 2014 at 4:13 PM, Herzog, Andrea <> wrote: Hi Alena, the devil knows – you told me about your problem with media file and news. I now got a problem which will extend yours: If I add a translated image to a news translation, the image will not be shown in list views, only in detail views. Before you ask me: yes, I set “Show in preview views”. Can you reproduce this error?

Best, Andrea

Alina Fleser Project Manager Arxia SRL

Str. Paraului 2b 400651 Cluj-Napoca

Philips List

  • Doc: Main execution paths
 - extensions adding files
 - displaying files
 - rendering a single file (including meta data)
 - extracting meta data
 - also internal doc, what is executed or checked when
  • API: full remote storage support
 - no temp files on local server
 - no processing on local server
 - cross storage copy/move support (if possible without local copy)
  • API: high level API (corresponds to doc above)
 - getting a file if exists
 - getting a folder/folder content of exists
  • API: review all exceptions
 - define where to catch them
 - define required boilerplate around each FAL API call if any
 - exceptions are slow, try to reduce exceptions during regular code flows
  • API: initialization/missing temp folders
 - when are temp folders (e.g. processing created)
 - make get* calls really read only instead of breaking the BE
 - dedicated initialize storage function
 - do not expect a processing folder
  • API: unavailable and disabled storage
 - do not try to create temp/processing folders inside
 - how to display them in backend
 - how to deal with rendering files out of those storages
 - (maybe) do not set unavailable automatically
 - how to display files in content elements referencing missing storages
  • Backend UI/UX
 - replace file
 - delete file (full reference support)
 - faster display and actions (AJAX, queue, delayed loading, placeholders, etc)
 - concept for large (and/or folderless) storages with 1000+ records
  • Anything I was ranting about and discussing lately :P


die wichtigsten Punkte unsererseits wären: 1. Behebung des Problems, dass Bilder in der Originalgröße angezeigt werden anstatt in der im Fluid-Template angegebenen Größe (leeren der „processed“ Tabelle und Ordner behebt dann das Problem. Die Bilder werden bei uns an TYPO3 vorbei über ein WebDAV eingepflegt und die Extension bekommt über einen Webservice den Bildpfad mitgeteilt. Wir lassen den Indexdienst per Scheduler regelmäßig laufen, doch dieser behebt das Problem leider nicht. 2. Wenn über die oben genannte Methode Bilder unter Beibehaltung des Dateinamens ausgetauscht werden, dann wird weiterhin das alte Bild aus dem processed Ordner ausgegeben. Es gibt ebenfalls keine Möglichkeit mit TYPO3 Bordmitteln dies zu beheben. Hier sollte der Indexdienst auf Änderungen an der Datei prüfen (SHA Checksum?), was aber bei hunderten oder tausenden Dateien echt zeitintensiv werden kann. Hier müsste sicher noch eine Lösung erarbeitet werden damit der Prozess nicht zu lange läuft bzw. im Falle eines Abbruchs nicht wieder von vorne beginnen muss.

Für beide Punkte sollten (fast) alle Bugreports aus meiner ersten Mail relevant sein. 3. Wichtig wäre die Suche in der Filelist

58724: Core - Implement proper backend file search [Closed] 4. Und die Möglichkeit Metatags direkt beim Einfügen eines Bildes „global“ füttern zu können.

62766: Core - Metadata editable globally within content elements [Closed] 5. Und eine „clear processed files“ Methode evtl. zusätzlich auch als Scheduler-Service

62767: Core - Missing function to clear processed images (FAL image cache) [Closed]

Bezüglich Sponsoring wäre toll zu wissen, wie hoch ungefähr die Kosten für Essen + Trinken oder Raummiete wären und ob es eine Rechnung / Nachweis fürs Finanzamt gibt. Ich sprech das dann beim Kunden und bei uns an.


Bugs FAL