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Code Sprint Linz 2012

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The code sprint for TYPO3 6.0 with the topic "Quality Assurance/ Continuous Integration ( will take place in Linz


The hashtag for the event is #t3cslz12

Date and Times

Thursday, September 20 - Sunday, September 23

Map and Location

The agency CYBERHOUSE ( will be host of the code sprint. Map:

Address: Hafenstraße 2a, 4020 Linz, Austria

Directions from the Blue Danube Airport

Code Sprint Topics/Goals

  • Create a commit-msg hook which checks the commit message format (Idea: Stefano Kowalke)
  • Extract more sniffs from the CGL (Idea: Stefano Kowalke)
  • Discuss open issues in CGL (Idea: Stefano Kowalke)
  • Discuss a policy how to handle sysexts in submodules (Idea: Stefano Kowalke)
  • Simplify the installation process of the TYPO3 coding standard (Idea: Andy Grunwald)
  • Write / Start an article series of QA in context of TYPO3 to make this topic more understandable for non devs / real "humans" (Idea: Andy Grunwald / Ben van`t Ende)
  • Document the whole Gerrit<->Jenkins->Sonar process (Idea: Stefano Kowalke)
  • Discuss the need of Jenkins Jobs for all supported TYPO3 versions and how to implement this (Idea: Stefano Kowalke)
  • Discuss if we should adopt one of the PSR-* standards (Idea: Stefano Kowalke)
  • Find a way to automate the transformation into the CGL conform code. Maybe the PHP-CS-Fixer could be the platform for this (Idea: Stefano Kowalke)
  • Define the severity of CGL violations (Idea: Stefano Kowalke after this tweet:
  • Remove more CGL violations (Idea: Andy Grunwald,


Proposals for Code Sprint Topics/Goals

  • Ensure that all codesniffs activated for "typo3-v4-core-nightly" on are also activated for the Sonar report on - at the moment it is 30.000+ vs 733 CGL violations. (Idea: Roland)
  • Celebrate the impressive reduction of CGL violations! (Idea: Steffen Gebert, give you 50€ for a bunch of cocktails)
  • Make travis-ci execute tests after pushing a change to Gerrit (Idea: Steffen Gebert)
  • Getting rid of the "eval" function (mostly in Unit tests) (Idea: Wouter Wolters)


Name Full/part time Need a room Arrival Departure Comment
Georg Ringer full no
Stefano Kowalke full yes Thu, 9:55 am @ Linz airport (from HAM via FRA) Su, 10:30 am @ Linz airport
Andy Grunwald full yes Thu, 10:05 am @ Linz airport (from DUS) Su, 05:45 pm @ Linz airport
Helmut Hummel full yes
Markus Klein part (not sun) no whenever necessary (living in Linz)
Christian Kuhn Friday (evening) to Sunday (morning) yes Friday evening (by car) Sunday morning (by car)
Susanne Moog Friday to Sunday yes Friday evening (by car) Sunday morning (by car)
Philipp Gampe part yes Fri, 17:43 @ Linz Hbf sunday any time
... ... ... ... ... ...

Please add your name and the days you plan to participate


Cyberhouse has reserved 6 double rooms in Hotel Steigenberger Please get in contact with georg dot ringer et cyberhouse dot at if you need a room


  • There are enough rooms, free drinks and a never ending coffee machine. Sponsored by CYBERHOUSE
  • Pizza by @aofner from
  • Pizza by Philipp Bergsmann from
  • 50€ for Cocktails/Drinks to celebrate the great work you're doing by Steffen Gebert


If you like to participate or offer some sponsoring, just get in contact with: Georg Ringer (georg dot ringer et cyberhouse dot at)