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Code Sprint TER Stuttgart 2013

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The first TER Codesprint 2013 is a TYPO3 event for mainly developers, but for testers and design/usability people, too. The goal is to fix some annoying bugs and get some cool new features to a stable state.

How to participate?

  1. Add yourself to the list of participants. Add the days you plan to come.
  2. Drop us a note so that we can plan accomodation, drinks, breakfast and dinner.


The hashtag for the event is #t3tercs13s

Date and Times

Friday, December 13 (start ~9:00am) - Sunday, December 15 (until ~2:00pm)

We are looking for a nice event on Saturday evening

Map and Location

On Friday we will start at 9:00am at Universität Hohenheim (TYPO3camp Stuttgart location)

Schloß Hohenheim 70599 Stuttgart

We will organize some rooms near the location, so please write to your participant name your days you want to participate and how many nights you will stay in hotel.

Code Sprint Topics/Goals

Main goals

  • TER Authentication by Auth Key
  • Get flattr button working
  • Finding all extensions in TER Frontend, even the extensions without an upload
  • Get information from docs to create links to the different manuals
  • Extension key register and transfer must work via SOAP
  • Activate RSS and JSON feed of all extensions
  • Support for distributions
  • Unit Tests
  • Bug hunting!!

Here are some other forge issues for "TER Code Sprint 2013":

Feel free to add new issues which you want to be solved.


  1. Thomas Löffler (Friday - Sunday, no hotel)
  2. Sascha Schmidt (Saturday - Sunday, no hotel)
  3. Rüdiger Marwein (Saturday - Sunday, no hotel)
  4. Philipp Gampe (Friday (late) - Sunday, needs hotel)
  5. Stefan Schwan (Friday - Sunday, no hotel) [canceled]
  6. Thorsten Schneider (Saturday midday - Sunday, no hotel)
  7. Tomas Norre Mikkelsen (Friday - Sunday, needs hotel)
  8. Christian Zenker (Friday - Sunday, needs hotel)
  9. Please add your name and the days you plan to participate


Accommodation will be organized and payed for by the association budget for TER which is left, so please don't book on your own, but get in touch with Thomas (thomas dot loeffler at typo3 dot org).


  • We have a nice room to work in for approx. 15 participants directly in the Schloß Hohenheim.
  • Accommodation and Travelcosts are covered through the TER Budget.


If you like to participate or offer some sponsoring, just get in contact with: Thomas Löffler (thomas dot loeffler at typo3 dot org).


ToDo Next

In Progress

In Review

To be tested