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What's it about

We are developing a Text Editor -- based on JavaScript -- to improve the way you can edit files and templates in the TYPO3-backend. The most important feature is to integrate syntax highlighting for TypoScript in the template module.


already implemented (beta1)

  • Syntax-Highlighting for TS
  • line numbers
  • fullscreen mode (very helpful while editing a large piece of TypoScript)
  • code-snippets (try "/*" or "/co" followed by a tab)
  • code-completion (auto close braces like { ( [ )
  • integrated in the template modul (setup, constants and "Edit the whole template record")
  • hit CTRL-S to save the code (via Ajax, so no page-reload is required!)

next to do (for the release beta2)

  • find and fix up a name:
    • t3codepress
    • t3editor +1
    • t3paul
    • t3pest (proffesional editor for sources and text)?
    • (TSedit) it's not only for TypoScript, so TSedit wouldn't fit very well
    • T3dit (3 often replace "E" in 1337-speak) ;) +1
    • T3ditor (a mix from T3editor et T3dit)
    • T3E
    • T3ddy
    • ComplEditor
    • (please add your suggestions here)
  • fix some bugs and smaller issues
    • (a list should placed here...)
  • find a way to include the editor-javascript globally in the backend, so it can be used in different places
    • get a class-file which can do all relevant stuff
    • relocate the relevant code into an own sysext
  • perhaps we can provide a demo-installation for testing
  • as base use a *patched* codepress (so we can use always the current codepress release)
  • start an own fork of codepress, based on the currenty latest version (0.9.5)
  • the user need the possibility to disable the editor,
    • per BE-User
    • on demand (like the RTE)
    • simple textarea as fallback
  • get some feedback and wishes from the possible users

next to do (for the release rc1)

  • fix bugs (are there still bugs in there?)
  • integration in fileadmin as default editor (remove tab.js)
  • integration in template > ressorces
  • try to fix the linenumber-image-thingy
  • write a comprehensible documentation

nice to have

  • try to fix the line-number issue (it a basic codepress-problem, see below)
  • (insert some more fancy stuff here)

underlying techniques

Codepress -- a javascript-based editor

As base for the editor we are using the Codepress-Editor (SF-Project) It's working great for IE6+ and Firefox. But there are still some things we are missing or like to solve in Codepress:

  • linenumbers are tricked: it's an image lying in the background
    • the problems with it are: it can't resize with the text and it's limited to 1500 lines
  • tabs (e.g. for indentions) are very large.
  • copy-n-paste from codepress to an other application don't work very well (the codepress-author is currently working on this)
  • localization is not solved very nice (it's need to talk with the TYPO3 localization)
  • missing support for Opera and Safari
  • ...

We decided to make an own fork of the codepress library. There are various resons for this:

  • we need to do some major changes in the codepress library to get it work with TYPO3 (eg localization)
  • the author of codepress decided to remove some features in the latest version, which we don't want to miss (eg the fullscreen-mode)

We hope our changes can reflux into the future versions of codepress.

As Codepress don't fit our needs, we decide to write an own javascript-based editor. We looked at, and get inspired by:


As the [Prototype-Framework] is already available in TYPO3, we use it to do some javascript-stuff (like Ajax-Calls).


  • beta 1

On 13.05.2007 we released a first beta on as a patch against the TYPO3core-SVN-Version and an already patched corepackage. Download it, try it and send us your feedback!

Roadmap and coming releases

* mid of juli: release beta2 (as patch agains the current TYPO3-SVN)

    • get a full featured and full integrated editor in the template-modul for Typoscript

* end of august: release rc1 (as patch agains the current TYPO3-SVN)

    • get the editor available in all useful places like Template-Resources, fileadmin, Ext-Manager, ...

  • end of august: release alpha1 of t3editor, the new javascript-based editor
    • Features:
      • linenumbers
      • can replace the setup-textarea in the template module
      • can be turned of (like the RTE)
      • prepared for syntax highlighting (very basic)
      • prepared for multi linguism (very basic)
      • ...
  • ...

more informations, links and contact

To get in contact with us, you can send us a mail to codepress(at)typo3-unleashed(dot)net

Further informations and release announcements you can find on

Current Project Members


you can help us, if you send us any kind of

  • feedback, ideas, wishes, ...
  • donations, sponsoring, ...