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CommandController In Scheduler Task

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This feature is part of Extbase 4.7.

Register commandController

A controller which processes requests from the command line. This controller is generally used for scheduler tasks.

In order to use your commandController in a scheduler task, you have to register it in your ext_localconf.php.

$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['SC_OPTIONS']['extbase']['commandControllers'][] = 'Tx_YourExtension_Command_NameofCommandController';

Notice that all CommandControllers will be available under the "extbase / Extbase CommandController Task" menu entry at first.


Choose it and you will find your own CommandControllers.


After reloading the page, the method's arguments will be displayed as input fields so you can define their value.


Use TypoScript settings in CommandController

Inject the configurationManager 4.5

 * @var Tx_Extbase_Configuration_ConfigurationManagerInterface
 * @inject
protected $configurationManager;


 * @var \TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Configuration\ConfigurationManagerInterface
 * @inject
protected $configurationManager;

And get your configuration (does not work in __construct, because the dependency is injected after object instantiation):

$this->settings = $this->configurationManager->getConfiguration(Tx_Extbase_Configuration_ConfigurationManagerInterface::CONFIGURATION_TYPE_SETTINGS, 'extensionName', 'pluginName');

$settings = $this->configurationManager->getConfiguration(\TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Configuration\ConfigurationManagerInterface::CONFIGURATION_TYPE_FRAMEWORK,, 'extensionName', 'pluginName');

In TYPO3 4.5, where you can't inject, you create the configuration manager like this:

$this->configurationManager = t3lib_div::makeInstance('Tx_Extbase_Object_ObjectManager')->get('Tx_Extbase_Configuration_ConfigurationManager')

Keep in mind that since the Scheduler is not running in frontend context, the configuration is read from module.tx_myext.settings.

in Configuration/TypoScript/setup.txt

Without configuration Manager

 * Update Stuff
 * @param string $param1
 * @param string $param2
 * @param string $param3
public function UpdateStuffCommand($param1 = 10, $param2 = 20, $param3 = 30) {