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Compatible Licenses

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This is a draft,in the moment. ECT: Please help to make it ready. --Daniel Brüßler 22:13, 21 November 2006 (CET)

Reviewer will be: Michael Scharkow

We depend on the GNU list:

Ideas, refhistory, howtolinktothis

For links to this page: If you like, you can set external links to headers level 1, because they will not change. Not deeper, plese.

refhistory: 0.4 Tips for Extension-Developers and simpler doc-structure , 0.3 NOT compatible licences, 0.2 compatible licences with GPL, 0.1 Planning/Brainstorming/Concept, 0.0 The reason why this doc was created was a discussion in the ECT-mailing-list about different ajax-libs and what lib(s) can be included into TYPO3.

Ideas for version 1.1 after review

  • include content-licences like creative commons

how to use this

The licenses are a very important topic of the ECT and of the core-team, too. This is the reason this document should belong to the category "share".

Needed search-keywords for the wiki-search: license, licence, licenses, compatible, GPL, LGPL, MIT, X11, BSD , Apache, Apache2.0, Common Public License, MPL, Mozilla Public License, Sun Public License . Some people name it "licence" (see google) so a forward for that alias-name would be a good thing.

Compatible licences with GPL

We have to care about the right license. You can use components with the following licenses in the TER TYPO3 Repository without any problems in law.

Tips for Extension-Developers:

  • The original license-header of the component-file(s) you want to include must stay in the head. By the way: This is not a "relicensing", it's just a use of the component.
  • QUESTION-> what shall an extension-writer do, if it is needed to change the code a little bit, so that it better fits into TYPO3?

For manuals

See this:

notice - Open Content License

This document is published under the Open Content License

The content is related to TYPO3 - a GNU/GPL CMS/Framework available from


This is compatible with GPL. Example: xajax, which is base for several extensions.

If you are running a project what needs to be 100% GPL, than you can use paragraph 3 of the license to switch it to GPL. That's a special opportunity of this license.

MIT (real name is X11)

This is compatible with GPL. The license is not used in the moment in TER.


This is compatible with GPL. The license is used for example by scriptaculous and jquery in the TER.

in use somewhere else but NOT compatible licences with GPL

Tips for Extension-Developers:

  • Write an E-Mail to the author of the component you like to include, because you may get a copy with a GPL-compatible license!

Apache, Apache2.0, Common Public License 1.0, MPL Mozilla Public License, Sun Public License

For details of these licences and more see the GNU-list (see top on page) . The reason we list the names of some is, that the wiki-search now can find this page.