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Configurable Plugin Namespaces

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This feature came in with Extbase 1.3 , included in TYPO3 4.5 LTS.

By default each Extbase plugin has a unique URI prefix to avoid collisions with other plugins on your website. This so called plugin namespace usually has the format tx_<yourextension>_<yourplugin>.

Since Extbase 1.3 it is possible to override this namespace. This comes in handy if want to interact with 3rd party extensions, for example with EXT:news:

plugin.tx_myplugin.view.pluginNamespace = tx_news

This sets the plugin namespace of all your plugins inside the extension to "tx_news", making it possible to directly access tt_news parameters in your controller:

 * @param integer $tx_news tx_news Article uid
 * @return void
public function yourAction($tt_news) {
        // interact with $tt_news uid

This even works with automatic mapping to Domain Models:

 * @param \Vendor\MyPlugin\Domain\Model\NewsArticle $news News Article
 * @return void
public function yourAction(\Vendor\MyPlugin\Domain\Model\NewsArticle $news) {
        // interact with $news object

You can also override the plugin namespace for a single instance by adding the section <view.pluginNamespace> to your plugin FlexForm.

If plugin.tx_$pluginSignature.view.pluginNamespace is set, this value is returned, otherwise "tx_<extensionname>_<pluginname>".