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Content Slide

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Content Sliding

This article is about how to let a content-element "slide" through the rootline to the actual pages (this is for standard method only... not TV). This means that you insert a Content-Element for example in the Right-Column of your Root-Page and it gets inherited to all subpages.

If you place another Content-Element (CE) into the right column on one of the subpages this CE will substitute the element from the root-page and in this part of the page tree the later CE will get shown.

Note that content does not slide through Sysfolders.

This also supports a few other nifty features like "collecting" all elements till the rootpage and display them all together. It is also possible to give a count value how many levels T3 will try to "slide up". So you could for example always display the combined elements of this and the parent page.

Property reference



Example 1

This first example simply enables content-sliding for the right-column wherever you use it:

styles.content.getRight.slide = -1

The second example enable also collecting of elements.

styles.content.getRight.slide = -1
styles.content.getRight.slide {
  collect = -1
  # collectReverse = 1

This example collects only the current and the parent page.

styles.content.getRight.slide = -1
styles.content.getRight.slide {
  collect = 2
  # collectReverse = 1

If you want more example or have a special requirement write a mail to me:

Bernhard Kraft 14:30, 22 Mar 2006 (CET) []

Example 2

The above examples were too confusing for me. This helped to understand it:

  sidebar < styles.content.getRight
  sidebar.slide = -1

(In Typo3 4.2 is this seemingly the only working Syntax.)

Szabolcs Feczak 13:30, 08 August 2007 (AU/Sydney)

...the Manual: