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Contributing to the documentation

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This page belongs to the Documentation Team (category DocTeam)

The official format for documentation across the community projects is ReStructured Text. This page outlines how to contribute to the documentation, depending on the various categories.

TYPO3 CMS Official Manuals

Each TYPO3 CMS Official Manual has its own Git repository. The full list can be found on

To work on a given manual, first clone the corresponding repository.

To change anything in a manual, start by opening an issue in the manual's bug tracker on Forge (each manual has its own tracker, all the Forge projects are located at Then modify the manual as needed. This can be done easily through the Github website. You can also use the "Edit me on GitHub" button on the top of the pages on When you have done your changes, create a pull request for your changes, so that we can merge them into the official repository.

The rendering of the manuals can be seen on The versions, which you find there, are automatically produced out of the contents in the Git repositories.

Flow Documentation

All Flow documentation is currently found inside Flow packages. To work on the Flow documentation, just clone the relevant package and follow the usual Flow workflow for patches.