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Contribution Walkthrough with CommandLine on Windows

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notice - This information is outdated

Please read the new tutorials on CWT


This walkthrough requires basic knowledge of Git and the command line.

If you are not familiar with the command line, please refer to the overview of other Contribution Walkthrough tutorials. An Introduction to Git is available for Git beginners.

Make sure you also read Contribution Walkthrough with CommandLine as this page concentrates on Windows and not everything is repeated here.

Installing Git for Windows

  • Download Git for Windows (e.g. Git-1.8.0-preview20121022.exe ) and install.
  • After installation is finished, you can start your Git Bash. This is a console tool for Windows, in which you can use all Git commands and other important Unix commands.
  • Navigate to the directory, into which you want to clone the repository. We use C:\xampp\htdocs\ as an example in this guide. The shell makes Window's drives (C:, D:) available under /<drive>/ (e.g. /c/).
    cd /c/xampp/htdocs/
  • Create the directory for your git repository:
mkdir typo3
cd typo3
  • Clone the repository:
    git clone git://

Additional tips

Setting up a TYPO3 installation on pre-Vista Windows

As symlink handling is not as easy on Windows as on other systems, you might want to copy the dummy-package directly into the directory containing the repository. To not get confused by Git, you should tell it to exclude these files. Edit .git/info/exclude and add these lines:


Setting up a TYPO3 installation with symlinks on Windows Vista and later

Windows Vista and later Windows versions have a command line utility to create true symlinks.

In this example, the Git repository is located in C:\typo3_git\ and the webserver (XAMPP) is located in D:\webserver\.

  • Create the directories: D:\webserver\htdocs\fileadmin\, D:\webserver\htdocs\typo3conf\, D:\webserver\htdocs\typo3temp\, D:\webserver\htdocs\uploads\
  • Start the Windows command line as Administrator
  • Execute the follwing commands (adjust paths to fit your installation):
mklink /J D:\webserver\htdocs\typo3_src C:\typo3_git
mklink /J D:\webserver\htdocs\typo3 D:\webserver\htdocs\typo3_src\typo3
mklink /J D:\webserver\htdocs\t3lib D:\webserver\htdocs\typo3_src\t3lib
mklink /H D:\webserver\htdocs\index.php D:\webserver\htdocs\typo3_src\index.php
  • Use the Install Tool to complete the installation.

More information

If you need more information on how to start or review a Change Request (RFC) or how to provide documentation, have a look at the according sections on Contribution Walkthrough with CommandLine.