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Csc with multimedia

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Extension detail information
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documentation state needs a review document state list
licence OCL
usergroups list of usergroups forAdmins, forIntermediates
author(s) Martin Holtz
TER category fe
dependency 4.0?, cms, css_styled_content

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Which extension (extension key) does this page refer to? It links to CoolURI but the title and text suggests something different. - Sypets 2020-04-18
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What does it do?

It enables you to put multimedia-files beside text with the ordinary "text with image" Content Element (textpic).

It is a hook of css_styled_content.

It makes use of $this->cObj->MULTIMEDIA with width and height Params.


In the Installtool, you have to set your multimedia fileextension as an image extension, so that you are able to select multimedia files in content element text with image. Perhaps it could be done by editing the TCA? If some one has an suggestion, feel free to mail me - thanks.

Extensions csc with multimedia installtool.png

Now, you can select your multimedia file. There is no thumb generated.

Extensions csc with multimedia backend.png

In the frontend the image and the flash-file are rendered

Extensions csc with multimedia Frontend.png

Users manual

Add an Multimedia Image to the list of imagefiles.


If you have Questions, please use this wiki page.


  • You have to extend $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['GFX']['imagefile_ext'] in LocalConfiguration.php (you can do it through the install tool) with the multimedia file-extensions you will use. This allows you to select multimedia files in the filebrowser.
# we only need Flash files: swf
$TYPO3_CONF_VARS['GFX']['imagefile_ext'] = 'gif,jpg,jpeg,tif,bmp,pcx,tga,png,pdf,ai,swf';
  • Install Extension
  • tell the Extension, which file-extensions are multimedia file-extensions
# Standard Setup with css_styled_content
# Each Object will be renderd by the MULTIMEDIA Element
tt_content.image.20.multimedia = swf, wav






Data type:



multimedia list a comma separated list with file-extensions which should be rendered with MULTIMEDIA swf


Known problems

To-Do list

i think a lot, but it now works for me - if you find an error [send me an mail] please