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Extension in TER: dam (Michiel Roos)

DAM means Digital Asset Management and is eventually supposed to replace the traditional fileadmin, which is basically a simple file storage. DAM features advanced metatagging and categorisation of assets. This can be achieved by indexing files or a batch of files. There are tools available that can extract metadata from files like mp3. doc and various image files. Metadata can also be added manually. The DAM extension enables you to have full control of your files. Basically a DAM record is created for every file you upload. glossary-definition

DAM 1.2 Feature Requests

  • [Benni] Use TYPO3 skin
  • [Benni] Cleanup the NavFrame (Bugs when jumping between modules, AJAX)
    • When moving from File to List the location should remain the same. Now for File and List the last location from that view is remembered.
    • Ajax support, this should really speed things up, sometimes it takes ages for every step to reload.
  • [Benni] Flash / Ajax based uploader for multiple files / ability to define lists of filetypes that can be uploaded during the current task
  • [Benni] merge dam_catedit extension functionality (but try to add the catedit functionality to the other modules)
    • Multi language Categories
  • Manual sorting of files in the categories module.
  • Moving / Copying files
  • Versioning for files -> SVN/Git?
    • Variants for files (resolutions/file types, etc)
  • IPTC/EXIF/XMP/ID3 Tag read / write / bulkedit and rewrite into files
  • IPTC/EXIF/XMP/ID3 Tag search in backend list
  • videocapabilities (thumbnails, player etc.)
  • show references in file list
  • clipboard support
  • Rely on TYPO3 core, rather than redefine all the files
  • Real time indexing/indexing upon upload
  • "save and new"-Button for categorys in BE (dam_catedit)
  • create 1-10 category at once (dam_catedit)
  • Cut & Paste / Drag & Drop for categorytree (dam_catedit)
  • define categorytree sorting at install (by pid, title, tstamp...) (dam_catedit)

Allow to store DAM related records in different folders

Reason: You might want your authors to be able to assign categories of part a in the category tree to their media but they may not add/edit/delete the categories themselves. In other parts of the category tree they shall be allowed to edit categories. Same counts for the dam records themselves. They may use a record on their page, but they are not allowed to edit it.


Category-information for galleries

There needs to be a way to link information to the files of only one category. For e.g.:

  1. A sorting within the files in one category. E.G.: A file is number 1 in category A and number 99 in category B
  2. Additional info for files in one category. E.G.: A file might be labeled best in category A and poor in category B. or the information "latin name" is only used for the photos in the category "plants"
  3. Content elements should also be associated to the files in one category. I think all three requests could be realized in the same way. An additional field is created for all files in DAM. This stores the information for that file within the different categories ... just like a TS-Array:
category_A {
    sorting = 1
    label = best
    story_to_file = tt_content:9
category_B {
    sorting = 99
    label = poor
    latin_name = testus testicus

There just needs to be a simple and intuitive way to generate this information-Array.

Such functionality would help in lots of ways. For. e.g.

  • a photo gallery could be sorted properly and contain additional informations.
  • Files could be rated in different download lists differently.
  • Different content for further description can be shown for the same video in different context (notes of the actors in a list of the movies an actor played in; notes of the director in a list of movies from one director);
  • The photos of one category are displayed as a text-book with text and picture and a navigation between the pages;

... different front-end extensions will need this category information within DAM

I hope I could motivate someone to join in this project. I'm happy to give some financial sponsoring to let this project grow. Just get in contact. --Ron (Ronald Steiner)

DAM installation

DAM will change the way you manage your files in the backend. This module will bring a lot of new (and great) features in the backend. DAM consists of several extensions that will extend it, the way you need. You should read some documentation to become familiar with installation, indexing, processing file, etc...

Install the 'cutting edge' Git head version

As an alternative to getting DAM from the repository, you can also try to work with the cutting edge development version from Git. You can checkout a git master version like so: Go to your TYPO3 installation and then:

 cd typo3conf/ext/
 '''# Move your current dam install out of the way:'''
 mv dam dam.old
 mv dam_index dam_index.old
 '''# Then issue:'''
 git clone
 git clone

DAM Core

  • List of all extensions belonging to the DAM core

DAM Extensions

  • List of 3rd party extensions for DAM
  1. Shop System with photo gallery using DAM images with products tt_products 2.5.2
  2. Frontend Filemanager using DAM metadata and implements an access-system. air_filemanager

DAM Galleries

This is the list of Galleries considered for a project with some comments. I think this can be usefull.

  1. DAM Gallery weeaar_dam_gallery 0.3.1 278/154 Beta
    • images by DAM category.
    • but looks not 100% ready
  2. damd_gallery damd_gallery 0.0.2 147/65 Alpha 03.03.2007
  3. Devable Image Gallery devable_gallery State alpha 02.10.2006
    • Galleries must be created as records in a sysfolder.
    • Problems - no DAM category tree.
  4. DAM Photo Gallery hl_dam_gallery 0.6.0 0.6.0 Local 1179/526 Beta
    • Image selection done by directory, by DAM category or as DAM record, but only one image can be added at a time.
    • No own plugin, but extends 'image' or 'text with image' content element
    • Can also be used as a replacement for the showimage-popup window.
    • Support for google maps (if EXIF GPS information is present)
    • Optional lightbox-effect
    • Template support for SINGLE view
  5. DAM aware Photogallery kdo_dam_photogallery 0.2.0 899/290 Alpha
    • select by one image, own categories
  6. Photogallery ce_gallery State beta, 09.10.2006
    • Optional AJAX
    • Only limited amount of DAM information can be displayed in frontend (Title, Description, Creation date)
    • show list of selected categories
    • category selection bad (because no category tree)
    • No template support
  7. MM DAM - FEFileList mm_dam_filelist
    • Gallery | Listmode
    • category and tt_address support
    • Template support
  8. DD DAM Gallery dd_dam_gallery 0.0.2 934/602 Alpha
    • old - no flex-form
  9. Gallery based on DAM dam_gallery State alpha 04.04.2007
    • looks old - no flex-form
  10. Ecodev: DAM photo gallery eco_gal
    • Another JavaScript gallery
    • Demo [here]
    • looks nice, uses DAM selection to generate the albums ("Media" > "List" > "Save selection") - have dependencies :
    • xtemplate as template engine
    • jquery as javascript library
    • php 5
  11. dam_downloads can be used as gallery
  12. DAM gallery with Liteshow dam_liteshow
    • Displays images and albums as JavaScript Slideshow.
    • Uses DAM categories
    • Configurable fallback when no JavaScript is available
    • No template support
  13. SmoothGallery for TYPO3 rgsmoothgallery
    • Another JavaScript slideshow gallery
    • Image selection done by directory, by record, as DAM record or as DAM category
    • Integration in 'text with image' CE (does not work with DAM though)
    • tt_news integration
    • Watermarks
    • No template support

DAM and indexed_search

It is possible to configure indexing of DAM records by indexed_search (with crawler installed).

Problems and solutions:

  • Some simple patching to indexed_search helps to open documents directly from search results listing.
  • Permissions configuration: done with simple ext that add Filemounts to FE groups and the patch to index_search.
  • Indexing of the crawler works OK, if we use CLI to DAM indexing. My problems with this was related to different PHP settings for CLI mode (with only 16mb memory_limit).
  • The principal problem now: perfomance of indexed_search with real life document archive. It seems that without patching indexed_search to use MySQL FULLTEXT, search performance will be irrelevant even on 3000 documents. This patch exists somewhere in and I see reports of succesfull usage of it, but my attempts to use it for large site fails. Also this patch does not includes disabling of current indexing method of indexed_search (it must have, because this is important for performance of indexer).

--vrom 23:10, 3 October 2007 (CEST)

DAM 1.1 - Documentation Update

Dam 1.1. Documentation-Coordination


  1. I am not a team member, how can I contribute my patch
  1. Create a new bugtracker entry on, describe it in detail, and append the patch you have written. Afterwards, join the TYPO3-team-bugs mailing list to find a "godfather" who helps you with initial review and can post this feature to the core list.

  1. How do I create an IMAGE Object via TypoScript
  1.  # Using DAM Reference in an IMAGE-Object:
     bild = IMAGE
     bild.file.import.cObject = USER
     bild.file.import.cObject {

  1. How do I retrieve Metadata from DAM Objects?
  1. Referencing of DAM Obejcts is done by a mm-Table (tx_dam_mm_ref), which creates a relation between a page (uid_foreign) and a DAM-Object (uid_local). Therefore you have to write an extension which provides a function to exploid this relation:
    // fetch copyright info from DAM object
    function get_copyright($content,$conf) {
    		$page_id = $GLOBALS['TSFE']->id;
    		$query = $GLOBALS['TYPO3_DB']->exec_SELECT_mm_query('tx_dam.copyright','tx_dam','tx_dam_mm_ref','pages',' AND pages.uid='.$page_id,'','','');
    		while ($row=mysql_fetch_assoc($query)) {
    		// use the first result
    		$content = $results[0];
    		return $content;

    Then you can make use of this function in your Typoscript:

    # Div for copyright details, if info is available
      20 = TEXT
      20 {
           value = 
           override.cObject = USER
           override.cObject {
                userFunc = tx_tpdam_pi1->get_copyright
           required = 1
           wrap = <div id="foto_copyright">© |</div>
  1. I only get 21 pages in the List view. What if I want more?
  1. Modify the following TS variable
     mod.txdamM1_list.modfunc.tx_dam_list_list.browserMaxPages = 50


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