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FIRST draft.

See Dam 1.1. Documentation

Currently, the version 1.1 of the DAM extension is still under development. This version will bring a lot of new (and great) features and it may be useful to install it for some testing purposes or for using extension (such image galleries) that use the latest development version. Here is a little basic tutorial about how to install it.

Recently the DAM was uploaded into the TER so you can download as a normal extension. Some old DAM version are always available at René Fritz's place, the main DAM developer.


Log in to the typo3 backend as an administrator and open the Extension manager (Tools > Ext manager). In the drop down menu, select the last option "Settings" and "enable extensions without reviews". Then in the same drop menu, select the option "Import extensions" and click on "Retrieve/Update" to update your local extensions list.

Search and import the DAM extension. Install it and follow the wizard. You will possibly have to import other extension like: static_info_tables, div, lib...

DAM features can be improved with other extensions like:

  • dam_index (very useful: batch file indexing)
  • dam_catedit (very useful: allows editing DAM categories)
  • dam_fileicons (optional: other icons, nice to have it)
  • dam_tweaks (optional: new icons and other stuff, nice to have it)
  • dam_cron (optional: launch indexing per cron job)
  • dam_info (optional: get info about files)
  • cc_metaexif (optional: extract info from pictures)
  • cc_metaexec (optional: extract info from PDF files)
  • ma_meta_audiovideo (optional: extract info from audio- and video files)
  • cc_txtextexec (optional: extract info from PDF, DOC, XLS files)
  • cc_txtextphp (optional: extract info from TXT, HTML)
  • cc_langguess (optional: try to guess the language (using a Perl script))
  • cc_textcat (optional: try to guess the language (using a Perl script))
  • dam_demo_pi (for developers: example code of what can be done in the frontend)
  • dam_demo (for developers: example code of what can be done in the backend)


Once you have everything installed, it's time to build the index ("dam_index" must be installed). In fact, this process is very important, if you already have a TYPO3 system running. You can not use media files (images, movies, sounds...), if the media is not indexed. This step has to be done once. For further uploaded files, the indexing process will be done automatically.

Go to Media > File > select a folder. You should have something like this: (if not make sure that dam_index is installed) Dam-install-01.jpg

Select the menu "upload". It should looks like:


There are 4 steps, with plenty of options. Leaving them empty is suitable for most cases.


On the last step, you will see your file being indexed (with a progress bar). When finished, your files are now indexed and you can begin to work with them.

I hope these few lines and pictures will help. Don't forget it is beta software and you may be confronted with bugs. Please report them on the mailing list.