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Dd googlesitemap

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Extension detail information
dd_googlesitemap/ dd_googlesitemap
Provides a high –performance Google sitemap implementation for TYPO3 pages and tt_news
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licence OCL
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author(s) Dmitry Dulepov
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dependency none

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notice - Open Content License

This document is published under the Open Content License

The content is related to TYPO3 - a GNU/GPL CMS/Framework available from


There are several TYPO3 Google sitemap extensions. Most of them suffer from three problems:

  • They are not fast enough (because they use the full TYPO3 initialization and special page types)
  • They do not create correct URLs when used with config.baseURL or config.absRefPrefix
  • They do not provide hints about page change frequency to Google

dd_googlesitemap does not have these problems. It is a high –performance TYPO3 extension that creates proper Google sitemaps with all necessary data for efficient page indexing in Google.

The TYPO3 Google sitemap extension was created by Dmitry Dulepov. If you like this extension, please, consider making a donation to the author.

Users manual

This extension does not have user configuration. Please, refer to the "Administration" part later on this page.


There are two types of sitemap in Google:

  • "normal" sitemaps
  • "news" sitemaps

Normal sitemaps are used by a regular Google indexer. This is a default type of sitemap that this extension creates.

News sitemap is used by the Google Reader only. Therefore it makes sense to create such sitemap only for sites that should be read through the Google Reader.

Creating a normal sitemap

To create a Google sitemap for TYPO3 pages, add the sitemap to google with the following URL:

Replace "" with your own domain.

Notice that if your home page is a shortcut to the innet page, you will need to set a tx_ddgooglesitemap.forceStartPid option in the TypoScript to the page id of the home page. This is necessary because TYPO3 automatically resolves shortcuts and forces Google sitemap to run from the shortcut destination, not from the root page.

To create a Google sitemap for tt_news entries, use this URL:

Important parameters here are:

  • pidList — this is a comma–separated list of sysfolder id values where tt_news entries are stored
  • singlePid — this is an id of the page where single news is displayed

Notice that this sitemap does not support the "HR dates" feature of tt_news.

If your new storage pid is outside of the rootline, the sitemap will be empty. This is a security feature. In order to relax this restriction, use tx_ddgooglesitemap.skipRootlineCheck TypoScript option.

Creating a news sitemap

Warning: Google news sitemaps are for the Google Reader only! Do not confuse "news sitemap" with sitemap for site news items! Entries from "news sitemap" are useful only to the Google Reader. The regular Google indexer ignores this type of sitemap completely!

To create a sitemap for Google reader, use this URL:

Notice the last parameter in the URL.


This section defines TypoScript ptoperties for this extension.


All properties in this reference are in the "tx_ddgooglesitemap" namespace. It means that they should appear like this in the TypoScript setup: = value
Property: Data type: Description: Default:
forceStartPid int Forces the sitemap to start from the given page id. See the "Administration" section above for more information. None
skipRootlineCheck boolean Disable the rootline check for news items. It means that sitemap may contain news items from sysfolders outside of the rootline. This can be a security risk, so you wisely. Better move your news sysfolder to inside the rootline!