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Decision/Method for decisions

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Decision: Method for wiki decisions

Short facts

  • Proposed by: Peter Kindström and Coby Pachmayr
  • Deadline for discussion: 31 aug 2004
  • Deadline for vote: 10 sep 2004
  • Decision to be made: Yes | No
  • Brief description: Should we use this method of DocTEAM meetings to discuss, vote, implement and follow decisions on major things on this wiki?


If someone think there is a need for a guideline for the wiki or documentation, he/she should suggest an item for decision. This item is advertised and then people can put thier opinions and votes on a page specially made for that dicision.

Of course this way of deciding thing should only be use for bigger and more importants issues, like the main wiki structure, the goals of the wiki and who should be in the DocTEAM. Smaller issues should not be decided by using this method.

The voting date has to be at least two weeks from the date when the decision page are put up and advertised (in the right way).

If the DocTEAM choose, they can select a DocMeeting manager which is responsible for the structure and method of voting. He/she could also be the one summarizing decisions and help people with understanding the method.

This method of making decision can be changed by using this very method!

This is the "main road" of making new decisions:

  • Suggestion for a new or changed guideline can be done by anyone - the proposer - by
    • Making a new suggestion/decision page using the DocMeeting template
    • Fill in all information and put a link to it in the DocTeam/Meetings page
    • Advertise the new suggestion/decision in the documentation newsgroup/mailing list
  • Then people discuss, add info and vote on the page
  • Things are settled when the voting date has passed
    • The original proposer (or a DocMeeting manager) summarizes what have been decided
    • The follow up list are filled in (if needed)
    • The link on the DocTeam/Meetings page are moved to the Historical section.

Short list in favor of Yes

  • It is an easy way to use the Wiki to discuss items to be decided
  • Easy for others to catch-up / review all past items that have been discussed and decided
  • It is democratic... even the very process itself can be modified by using the process
  • We need some guidelines and a way to agree on them

Short list in favor of No

  • It risks been too much bureaucracy
  • Noone follows the rules anyway
  • "The wiki way" is NOT having any rules(?)

Votes cast

  • Your Name - Choice

Decision summary

Will be written after the voting is done

Follow up items and delegations

Will be written after the voting is done

  • What to do - Name of "doer"


I think this is a ...