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Deprecated features

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On this page, propose elements of the TYPO3 CMS which could be remove over time because:

  • They are not useful anymore
  • New techniques have arisen
  • New extensions replace the functionality


The so called "old school templates" that are part of TYPO3 since at least version 3.5 must go away. They are all based on table positioning, don't use "css_styled_content" and are "rusty" (to stay polite). See here: 18194: TYPO3 Core - Remove Static Templates from Standard Installation [Closed; assigned to Benni Mack].

To be removed in : TYPO3 4.4, further discussion in Core-List.

Content Elements

  • Content Element "Table" (if it doesn't get modernized)
  • Content Element "List"
  • Content Element "Multimedia" (if it doesn't get modernized). A new Media Content Element was added in TYPO3 4.3.