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Development/Memos/Important rst-file prefix

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Current situation

Some patches contain important changes which should be announced in release-notes or changelogs. At the moment the core uses three prefixes for of rst-files:

  • Feature
  • Breaking
  • Deprecation

In some cases a patch contains no new feature, is not breaking and does not deprecate anything, but contains an important change that needs special attention. For these kind of changes a new prefix for rst-files will be introduced:

  • Important

This kind of rst-file should contains at least one description section for the change.

Example This patch removes the GFX-Array from the image hash and matches no of rst-file prefix. But this change has a big impact for large installations with a lot of images, because all images will be re-generated on update. In this case a rst-file of type “Important” should be added to the patchset.